Community Council Meeting Agendas & Schedule

Adding Agenda Items

Adding agenda items is not restricted to the Community Council - any community member is encouraged to put an agenda item forward if they wish. You can nominate items for discussion by the Ubuntu Community Council by posting to the current meeting agenda topic here in the Community category of the Ubuntu Community Hub. Nominations to the agenda must be made at least 24 hours before a meeting.

See the Ubuntu Governance page and What is the Ubuntu Community Council for more information.

Fixed Agenda Items

  • Review actions from the last meeting.
  • Decide who will:
    • Chair the next meeting.

Agenda and Minutes

The Ubuntu Community Representative will:

  • Post the meeting agenda template on the Ubuntu Community Hub for the next meeting a week prior to said meeting.
  • Post the meeting summary on the Ubuntu Community Hub
  • Post the a link to the meeting summary to the Ubuntu social networks

Meeting Time

The Ubuntu Community Council currently does not meet regularly. You can contact the council using the mailing list.

IRC logs for meetings prior to October 2017 are available from MeetingLogs/CC.

Meeting notifications

In order to get notified about next meeting’s time, you can subscribe to The Fridge Calendar.