Can't change Ubuntu One default email, and still use the same account for Ubuntu Community Hub

I recently decided to change the default email account on my Ubuntu One account, but I found myself unable to login to Ubuntu Community Hub.

Had to change it back to fix it.

Any plans on fixing this on your end?

Yeah I had the same issue. I signed up for my Ubuntu One account using my personal, non-work email and changed it recently to my work email. When logging in, I suspect what happened was that the account is retrieved based on your UbuntuOne primary email - and thus you’re asked to create a new account rather that be logged into the old existing one. I had a picture of 13 year old me as an avatar dangling in the wind for half a year because of this :joy:

Would be nice to fix this:)

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Did you change the e-mail address on both so they match?

  • Ubuntu One
  • Discourse (it’s in your Profile)

Oh so I know now to do that:) But I guess it would be nice to be able to change primary emails in UbuntuOne without worrying that Discourse wouldn’t be able to retrieve the right account otherwise, i.e: changing primary emails on UbuntuOne results in Discourse’s email (and whatever other services linked as well)

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Feel free to file a bug report against Ubuntu One.

Personally, I find the transparency preferable. I like knowing exactly what U1 is sending to various sites.

Ha ha the bug has become a well received feature I guess :joy:

Good idea on the Ubuntu One front, might make it an excuse to file my first Launchpad bug (or wherever it is) thanks!

I did, and that didn’t fix it for me. Right now, my email on Discourse is the email I want to use, and Ubuntu One is still using my old email.

Did you do ?


Right now, I have my preferred Ubuntu One email listed, but not in use.

FYI, I was able to login to Ubuntu One with my preferred email, but can’t do so with Discourse

This issue was raised over six months ago:

Like several other issues regarding Discourse I’m still awaiting a fix.