API Endpoints: Processes

POST /processes/<signal>

Kill or terminate a process.

Required parameters:

  • signal: Either “kill” or “terminate”
  • computer_id: The numerical ID of the computer.
  • pids: A comma-separated list with the PIDs of the processes to send the signal.

Optional parameters:

  • None

Example request:

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT" \
  -d '{
	"computer_id": 1,
	"pids": [1]
  }' \

Example output:

  "id": 204,
  "creation_time": "2024-04-10T23:13:38Z",
  "creator": {
	"name": "John Allen Smith",
	"email": "john@example.com",
	"id": 1
  "type": "ActivityGroup",
  "summary": "Signal process init (PID 1) with KILL",
  "completion_time": null,
  "parent_id": null,
  "deliver_delay_window": 0,
  "result_text": null,
  "result_code": null,
  "activity_status": "undelivered"