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Landscape is a system management tool designed to let you easily manage multiple Ubuntu systems.

Systems management

  • Up to 40,000 machines with a single manual installation type instance
  • Manage desktop, server and cloud deployments
  • Group machines using tags, and manage each group separately.
  • Create custom profiles for managing different machine classes
  • Easily install, update and remove software
  • Define policies for automated updates and security patches
  • Configure users and groups
  • Scriptable API to customise Landscape for your organisation’s needs

Monitor your machines at scale

  • Set alerts for updates on specific machines
  • Graph trends of temperature, disk, memory usage and system load
  • List all processes running on a machine and remotely kill rogue processes
  • Build your own graphs with custom metrics

Maintain security and compliance

  • Patch compliance - keep systems secure and up to date
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Automated audit logging and compliance reporting
  • Regulatory compliance is significantly simplified with custom reporting

Control your inventory

  • Quickly track full software package information for all registered machines
  • Gather asset information in real time
  • Create dynamic search groups to perform operations on categories of machines
  • Easily access any machine property

Package repository management

  • Mirror and stage internal or external APT repositories
  • Upload and manage custom packages

Three Editions of Landscape

  • Landscape SaaS available with as a hosted service, and bundled with your Ubuntu Pro subscription.
  • Self-hosted Landscape is meant for those wanting to have the Landscape server(s) installed and managed by themselves, on dedicated hardware.
  • Managed Landscape for organisations looking for the convenience of Landscape SaaS, with deep integration into their Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure with customised Single Sign On (SSO), localised repository mirrors, and private repositories. Managed Landscape can be deployed to public cloud or on-premises with an uptime SLA.

The main differences between the two flavors of Landscape is that the self-hosted offering provides repository management, repository profiles, and custom IAM and SSO integration. The code for the self-hosted Landscape and Landscape SaaS is the same.


Support is available to those who purchase Ubuntu Pro.


Level Path Navlink
1 about-landscape About Landscape
0 user-guide User Guide
1 administrators Administrators
1 access-groups Access Groups
1 managing-computers Managing computers
1 managing-packages Managing packages
1 use-cases Use Cases
0 self-hosted-landscape Self-hosted Landscape
1 quickstart-deployment Quickstart deployment
1 juju-installation Juju installation
1 manual-installation Manual Installation
1 repositories Repositories
1 backup-and-restore Backup and Restore
1 logs Logs
1 external-authentication External Authentication
1 ongoing-maintenance Ongoing Maintenance
0 api-overview API Overview
1 command-line-client Command-line client
1 python-module Python module
1 low-level-http-requests low-level HTTP requests
0 api-methods API Methods
1 api-activities Activities
1 api-alerts Alerts
1 api-administrators Administrators
1 api-computers Computers
1 api-gpg GPG
1 api-packages Packages
1 api-package-profiles Package Profiles
1 api-removal-profiles Removal Profiles
1 api-reporting Reporting
1 api-repositories Repositories
1 api-role-based-access-control Role Based Access Control
1 api-saved-searches Saved Searches
1 api-scripts Scripts
1 api-upgrade-profiles Upgrade Profiles
1 api-event-log Event Log


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Path Location
/landscape/docs/landscape-api /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/onprem /landscape/docs/self-hosted-landscape
/landscape/docs/onprem-overview /landscape/docs/self-hosted-landscape
/landscape/docs/api /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/api-methods /landscape/docs/api-methods
/landscape/docs/api-http-requests /landscape/docs/low-level-http-requests
/landscape/docs/api-python /landscape/docs/python-module
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-juju /landscape/docs/juju-installation
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-manual /landscape/docs/manual-installation
/landscape/docs/landscape-administrators /landscape/docs/administrators
/landscape/docs/landscape-access-groups /landscape/docs/access-groups
/landscape/docs/landscape-managing-computers /landscape/docs/managing-computers
/landscape/docs/landscape-managing-packages /landscape/docs/managing-packages
/landscape/docs/landscape-use-cases /landscape/docs/use-cases
/landscape/docs/concepts /landscape/docs
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-quickstart /landscape/docs/quickstart-deployment
/landscape/docs/onprem-backup /landscape/docs/backup-and-restore
/landscape/docs/onprem-logs /landscape/docs/logs
/landscape/docs/onprem-auth /landscape/docs/external-authentication
/landscape/docs/api-client-package /landscape/docs/command-line-client
/landscape/docs/api-http-requests /landscape/docs/low-level-http-requests
/landscape/docs/api-methods /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/onprem-maintenance /landscape/docs/ongoing-maintenance