Landscape Documentation

Landscape is a systems management tool designed to help you manage and monitor your Ubuntu systems from a unified platform.

Landscape provides system administration for deployments at enterprise scale via a web portal and API. It streamlines functions including inventory management, automation, security hardening, compliance management, reporting and software distribution.

These administration tasks typically span multiple systems and interfaces, which can present challenges. Landscape reduces these challenges and simplifies administrative tasks by serving as a centralized hub that unifies these operations.

For system administrators, security analysts, CISOs and more, Landscape provides a flexible and efficient system management solution that can adapt to various organizational sizes, requirements and complexities.


Support is available to those who purchase Ubuntu Pro.

In this documentation

How-to guides
Step-by-step guides covering key operations and common tasks
Technical information - APIs, logs, glossary
Concepts - discussion and clarification of key topics

Project and community

Landscape is a member of the Ubuntu family. It welcomes community contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

Thinking about using Landscape for your next project? Get in touch!


Level Path Navlink
0 landscape-documentation Landscape documentation
1 how-to-guides How-to guides
2 install-and-configure-landscape Landscape installation and set-up
3 quickstart-deployment Quickstart installation
3 juju-installation Juju installation
3 manual-installation Manual installation
3 install-in-a-lxd-container Install in a LXD container
3 install-on-google-cloud Install on Google Cloud
3 install-on-microsoft-azure Install on Microsoft Azure
3 install-fips-hardened-landscape-server Install on FIPS-compliant machines
3 install-landscape-client Install Landscape Client
3 configure-landscape-client Configure Landscape Client
3 configure-rabbitmq-for-landscape Configure RabbitMQ
2 upgrade Upgrade
3 upgrade-landscape Upgrade Landscape
3 upgrade-landscape-to-24 Upgrade to 24.04 LTS
2 external-authentication External authentication
3 active-directory-authentication Active Directory
3 oidc-authentication OpenID-Connect (OIDC)
3 pam-authentication Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
2 how-to-web-portal Web portal
3 web-portal Web portal (24.04 or later)
4 manage-repositories-web-portal Manage repositories
4 web-portal-manage-administrators-and-roles Manage administrators and roles
3 classic-web-portal Classic web portal (23.10 or earlier)
4 administrators Manage administrators and roles
4 access-groups Manage access groups
4 managing-computers Manage computers
4 managing-packages Manage packages
4 manage-snaps Manage snaps
4 other-classic-web-portal-tasks Other tasks
2 maintenance Maintenance
3 backup-and-restore Backup and restore
3 ongoing-maintenance Manage maintenance tasks
2 the-landscape-client-snap-how-to-guides Landscape Client snap
3 how-to-install-the-landscape-client-snap Install the snap
3 how-to-configure-the-landscape-client-snap Configure the snap
3 how-to-create-an-ubuntu-core-image-with-the-snap-included Create a Core image
3 how-to-use-remote-script-execution-with-the-client-snap Use script execution
2 windows-subsystem-for-linux-in-landscape WSL integration
3 configure-wsl-services-after-upgrading-beta Configure Landscape beta
3 set-up-an-environment-to-use-wsl-with-landscape Set up an environment
3 register-wsl-hosts-to-landscape Register WSL hosts
3 register-wsl-instances-to-landscape Register WSL instances
3 use-a-specific-ubuntu-image-source-for-wsl Use a specific image source
3 perform-common-tasks-with-wsl-in-landscape Perform common tasks
3 get-support-for-wsl-machines-that-connect-to-landscape Get support
2 how-to-api API
3 make-rest-api-requests Make a REST API request
3 repositories Manage repositories via the API
3 api-overview Use the legacy API
3 command-line-client Use the legacy API command-line client
3 http-requests Use the legacy API via HTTP requests
3 python-module Use the legacy API Python module
1 reference Reference
2 reference-api API
3 api-rest REST API endpoints
4 api-rest-activities Activities
4 api-rest-administrators Administrators
4 api-rest-alerts Alerts
4 api-rest-computers Computers
4 api-rest-credentials Credentials
4 api-rest-gpg-key GPG Key
4 api-rest-invitations Invitations
4 api-rest-login Login
4 api-rest-packages Packages
4 api-rest-password Password
4 api-rest-person Person
4 api-rest-processes Processes
4 api-rest-scripts Scripts
4 api-rest-snaps Snaps
4 api-rest-switch-account Switch Account
4 api-rest-users Users
4 api-rest-wsl-instance-names WSL Instance Names
3 legacy-api-docs-main Legacy API endpoints
4 api-activities Activities
4 api-administrators Administrators
4 api-alerts Alerts
4 api-computers Computers
4 api-event-log Event Log
4 api-gpg GPG
4 api-packages Packages
4 api-package-profiles Package Profiles
4 api-removal-profiles Removal Profiles
4 api-reporting Reporting
4 api-repositories Repositories
4 api-role-based-access-control Role Based Access Control
4 api-saved-searches Saved Searches
4 api-scripts Scripts
4 api-upgrade-profiles Upgrade Profiles
4 api-wsl WSL
2 reference-release-notes Release notes
3 whats-new-in-beta What’s new in beta
3 release-notes-24-04-LTS 24.04 LTS release notes
3 release-notes-23-10 23.10 release notes
3 release-notes-23-03 23.03 release notes
3 older-release-notes Older release notes
4 release-notes-19-10 19.10 release notes
4 release-notes-19-01 19.01 release notes
4 release-notes-18-03 18.03 release notes
4 release-notes-17-03 17.03 release notes
4 release-notes-16-06 16.06 release notes
4 release-notes-16-03 16.03 release notes
4 release-notes-15-11 15.11 release notes
4 release-notes-15-10 15.10 release notes
4 release-notes-15-01 15.01 release notes
4 release-notes-14-10 14.10 release notes
2 reference-logs Logs
3 logs Logs
2 reference-networking Networking
3 network-firewall Network firewall
1 explanation Explanation
2 explanation-landscape Landscape
3 explanation-about-landscape About Landscape
3 self-hosted-landscape Self-hosted Landscape
2 explanation-repo-mirroring Repository mirroring
3 explanation-about-repository-mirroring Repository mirroring
2 explanation-terms Terms
3 explanation-access-groups Access groups
3 explanation-administrators Administrators
3 explanation-alerts Alerts
3 explanation-architecture Architecture
3 explanation-components Components
3 explanation-distribution Distribution
3 explanation-package Package
3 explanation-pocket Pocket
3 explanation-PPA PPA
3 explanation-profiles Profiles
4 explanation-package-profile Package profile
4 explanation-removal-profile Removal profile
4 explanation-upgrade-profile Upgrade profile
3 explanation-repositories Repositories
3 explanation-roles Roles
3 explanation-scripts Scripts
3 explanation-series Series
3 explanation-ssl-certificates SSL certificates
3 explanation-suite Suite
3 explanation-tags Tags
0 contribute-to-the-landscape-documentation Contribute to our docs


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/landscape/docs/miscellaneous /landscape/docs/other-classic-web-portal-tasks
/landscape/docs/configure-external-authentication /landscape/docs/external-authentication
/landscape/docs/reference-terms /landscape/docs/explanation-terms
/landscape/docs/low-level-http-requests /landscape/docs/http-requests
/landscape/docs/landscape-api /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/unsorted /landscape/docs/miscellaneous
/landscape/docs/onprem /landscape/docs/self-hosted-landscape
/landscape/docs/onprem-overview /landscape/docs/self-hosted-landscape
/landscape/docs/api /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/api-http-requests /landscape/docs/low-level-http-requests
/landscape/docs/api-python /landscape/docs/python-module
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-juju /landscape/docs/juju-installation
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-manual /landscape/docs/manual-installation
/landscape/docs/landscape-administrators /landscape/docs/administrators
/landscape/docs/landscape-access-groups /landscape/docs/access-groups
/landscape/docs/landscape-managing-computers /landscape/docs/managing-computers
/landscape/docs/landscape-managing-packages /landscape/docs/managing-packages
/landscape/docs/landscape-use-cases /landscape/docs/use-cases
/landscape/docs/concepts /landscape/docs
/landscape/docs/landscape-install-quickstart /landscape/docs/quickstart-deployment
/landscape/docs/onprem-backup /landscape/docs/backup-and-restore
/landscape/docs/onprem-logs /landscape/docs/logs
/landscape/docs/onprem-auth /landscape/docs/external-authentication
/landscape/docs/api-client-package /landscape/docs/command-line-client
/landscape/docs/api-http-requests /landscape/docs/low-level-http-requests
/landscape/docs/api-methods /landscape/docs/api-overview
/landscape/docs/onprem-maintenance /landscape/docs/ongoing-maintenance
/landscape/docs/user-guide /landscape/docs/how-to