API Endpoints: GPG Key

Note: These endpoints are only available to beta users at this time.

The endpoint(s) here are for GPG key management.

POST /gpg-key

Import a GPG key.

Required parameters:

  • name: Name of the GPG key. It must be unique within the account, start with an alphanumeric character and only contain lowercase letters, numbers and the minus (-) or plus (+) signs.
  • material: The text representation of the key.

Optional parameters:

  • None

Example request:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT" -d '{
"name": "gpg-mirror-key",
"material": "$(cat mirror-key.asc)"
}' http://landscape.canonical.com/api/v2/gpg-key

Example output:

"id": 10617,
"name": "gpg-mirror-key",
"key_id": "40V648A95FD69F40",
"fingerprint": "b6a7:2bb0:2a06:be5a:0d05:0beb:49a6:33a9:5fa2:9f40",
"has_secret": false