API Endpoints: Administrators

Note: These endpoints are only available to beta users at this time.

The endpoint(s) available here are for managing administrators in your account.

PUT /administrators/<int:person_id>

Assign administrators to certain roles by their ID.

Path parameters:

  • person_id: The ID for the administrator.

Required parameters:

  • roles: A list of the role(s) the administrator should have as strings.

Optional parameters:

  • None

Example request:

curl -X PUT https://landscape.canonical.com/api/v2/administrators/6 -H "Authorization: Bearer $JWT" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"roles": ["ServerAdmin", "DesktopAdmin"]}'

Example output:

  "email": "robert@example.com",
  "id": 6,
  "name": "Robert Frost",
  "roles": [