Announcing the new Ubuntu Community Council

Thanks to all the Ubuntu Members that voted in the election, I am proud to announce our new Ubuntu Community Council!

The full results of the election can be seen here but our winners are:

  • Walter Lapchynski
  • Lina Elizabeth Porras Santana
  • Thomas Ward
  • José Antonio Rey
  • Nathan Haines
  • Torsten Franz
  • Erich Eichmeyer

Congratulations to all of them! They will serve on the Council for the next two years.

Should there be any pressing business that the Council should deal with, especially given the long absence of the Council, please contact the Council mailing list at

Again, thanks to everyone involved for making Ubuntu and its community better!


Thank you, Walter for setting up the election and manage the process of the election.

Also thanks to the voters that you have expressed your confidence in us.


I’m a couple days late to replying, but:

Thank you, Walter, for setting up the election and managing it.

To the voters: Thank you all of you for showing your confidence in us with your votes!


Walter, thank you so much for getting everything rolling! And thank you to all Ubuntu members who participated in the election. I am honored by your confidence in me!

I’m looking forward to serving on the Council over the course of this term.