Future of Ubuntu Community

Right but if you look at the history of posts, it’s basically just announcements of new Ubuntu releases and their end-of-life. So if you are getting your information about the Ubuntu release cycle via that mailing list, you’re…probably not a good candidate for the CC?

I certainly see what you’re saying and for my purposes, I’ll just consider it irrelevant. However, it may be good for other folks for the description of the list to more clearly define what it’s about.


My offer to post this to the Fridge still stands :slight_smile: (though we might want IS to force https)

Ugh I forgot about that, despite your previous reminder. I thought I had access and was going to check that and must have got distracted. Rather than try to figure that all out, I’ll take you up on your offer. Please post it up. And anywhere else you might like.

BTW the news hit ZDNet.

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Just one other thing I would like to mention: I know that the status of some boards and councils have already or will degrade without intervention from the CC or Canonical IS (which will ultimately need authorization from the CC or Mark himself to act) before we have a new CC in place. Getting those boards and councils back up and running is going to be an important first task of the new CC.

Until then, my suggestion to these boards and councils: don’t be dismayed! You’ll be back up and running soon enough. I would encourage you all to continue your work as normal. Sure, there will be some things you won’t have the authority to execute, but keep track of those things and that will be part of our clean up work when we get the ball rolling again.

If someone with access (ahem @sabdfl) wants to be a dear and perhaps renew everyone on all councils and boards for about a month or two, that should cover us while we figure this all out.


When I requested an extention on the membership board, Canoical IS was very helpful via the “#canonical-sysadmin” channel (IRC). They will apparantly be extending the membership board by a month until a more permanent solution (IE CC is back) is ready. :+1:


Good news, indeed!

I know that we who are on the Ubuntu Forums Council have had to scramble a few times to find someone to extend our expiry dates in the absence of an approving authority, which we have been doing for some time by begging on the IRC.

Thanks to Wild_Man for sharing this development with us there.


I’m pleased to announce that I have emailed @sabdfl the list of nominees for the Community Council. As soon as he provides a shortlist of the nominees, I will create an election so that the Ubuntu Members can approve the candidates and then we’ll have the Community Council back!

According to the documentation on restaffing, we should expect the time to get the shortlist to be about 1 week. After that, voting by Ubuntu Members should occur over about a 2 week period.

That said, now is the time to make sure your Ubuntu Membership is up to date and that your Launchpad account includes an email, since if you look at the documentation to create an election, you’ll notice a script is used to scrape this information off of Launchpad. If either of those two conditions are not met, your ballot will not be sent.

If you have lapsed on your Ubuntu Membership, please contact the Ubuntu Membership Board immediately to get that resolved. Similarly, I would contact them if you would like to become a member (just keep in mind that you earn one for contributing, not just because you ask nice :wink: ).


You’re very welcome QIII and I will post the results of the nominations on the forum as well when it’s available so the Ubuntu Members on the forum will have an opportunity to vote.

Just a quick note to say that I have the shortlist in my hands and will get started on creating the election shortly. Hopefully you’ll all have ballots in your inboxes by the end of the day (my time at least).

That said, again remember that in order to receive your ballot, you need to be an Ubuntu Member and make sure you have an email listed in Launchpad.

I’ll post again when the ballots have been sent. If you don’t get one after seeing that post, please get in touch.

Ok, all the ballots have been sent. I’m still working on reaching out to those Ubuntu Members that do not have a public email. If you want to save me the trouble, please get in touch.

That said, voting is now underway and will continue until Saturday October 24 2020 00:01 UTC. As the top 7 candidates will be elected, please make sure to rank all of the candidates in order of preference.


Here’s the official announcement if you feel like sharing:

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You beat me to it. You should be good to go :slight_smile:


Yep, thanks, buddy. :slight_smile:

@wxl It being after 1300 UTC on October 24th you will want to log in to CIVS to close balloting so you get results. I don’t think it was ever upgraded to do that automatically without human intervention.

Sorry for the delay. The poll is now closed. I’m working on announcements as we speak, but bear with me. I’ll leave a link here.

I’ve added the winners to the mailing list, so any business that needs to be dealt with should be sent there: community-council@lists.ubuntu.com. I’m sure, at the minimum, getting all the boards and everything back up and running will be important first steps.

Official announcement here:


Also, thanks to the CC for coordinating the call for nominations to the Tech Board and I look forward to posting the shortlisted candidates for election this year. Really appreciate the great work the new CC are doing!


I am new to Open Source as a public member and that is why i had to write here

I am working within the “outside” maybe I should say, the old convergence community. But I feel like Canonical has moved forward for a better roadmap, because Cloud is dominating the world and the related computer science fields are pushing people(forcing) to act different.

And I do not feel Ubuntu Desktop is out of game. I am happy with new Ubuntu way. Even if it runs Unity7 or Unity8 or KDE or GNOME or other lightweight Desktop Environments.

Now what I will focus on is “security in mind” and writing applications compatible with the Canonical roadmap and Ubuntu Community.

I am trying to be open minded and I wait for the right time to get more ready for security issues and modern development.