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New to the Ubuntu project? Whether you’re a volunteer contributor or a Canonicaler, you’re part of the community, and we’re glad to have you. :blush:

This category is for new contributors to introduce themselves - and for existing contributors to welcome them and help them get started! We hope it’s useful and makes it easier to start doing awesome things faster. :running_woman:


Thank You. I am a member do not know if I have the expertise to become a Canonicaler. Every word of encouragement is well
appreciated for every member., well put !


Hello everyone, this is my first access to Ubuntu Discourse. I am a candidate for an HR role and I have accepted to join this community in order to better know the Company and evaluate if we fit each other. Anyone can help me in getting first basic information about this exiciting wolrd? Thank you so much! Michele


Hey there, and welcome! Glad to have you here and hope we can answer your questions!

So, the community is big, and there’s lots of different roles! This particular site is to help organize all the work we do to make Ubuntu (desktop and server) and related products happen! We have people who are volunteers, and are awesome and do this out of enthusiasm and love, and Canonicalers who also have those things, and have the privilege of being paid to do that work too. The community lives lots of other places, but we want this to be a place where the corporate and volunteer sides can come together and plan/discuss/etc. as one community. :slight_smile:

And please feel free to go to the main Introductions page and click +NewTopic - you can tell us more about you and we can have a dedicated chat there!


Hi Monica, thanks a lot for your welcome and first explainations! All the best! Michele


I’m not exactly New In Town because I’ve been on Discourse forums for many years, and I’ve been using Ubuntu products for decades, but I am new to this oasis for Ubuntu interaction.

Mostly I got on here today because the eMail coming from an employment application suggested it in a way that I felt compelled to jump in.


Good to have you here, no matter how long you’ve been around, and thanks so much for making a reply! What was your first Ubuntu release, if you don’t mind me asking?

And congrats for taking the step and applying, as someone who came from the community herself! I’d be happy to answer any Qs about what it’s like, and maybe a few other Canonicalers will too :slight_smile:


That’s a harder question than you think to answer. :wink: :laughing:

I first heard about Linux in 1997 when admitted to the CS department at UB. By the time I actually “touched” any open source software it was probably 1999 when I bought the box set of StarOffice :cd: including a paper manual. I repurposed a couple of machines before that with Red Hat os’s them but never went on to use them. I do remember an upgrade into the Hedgehog edition on a laptop.

It was probably 2005 when I first installed a Ubuntu on a good PC but mostly only did browsing on it. By 2008 I spun up my first Ubuntu server to start on a financial project I thought of years earlier. Probably the Heron edition but I never wrote that stuff down. Did about a week of MySQL coding and then family matters took away all my free time. :roll_eyes:


It’s really great to start with all the warmig welcomes and to see how engaged the community is, thanks for that! To feel comfortable in a new place it’s a lot easier in this case. :smiley:

My name is Amanda, I’m a Senior Designer and I’ve applied to be part of the team crossing fingers because I really liked the brand’s style. Hope to hear more from you guys soon!

I’ll be here if any of you have any questions or need help.

Best Regards :star:


Hi Amanda! It’s good to have you here, and sorry for the late reply! I’ve been working more remote than usual (went home for my sister’s wedding and a family reunion) and this time of year is always beyond busy. :sweat_smile:

That’s awesome you’re in the application process! I had been in the orbit of the community, applied for a position and interviewed, didn’t get the position, but then I became a contributor for the flavour I used daily and a year later, here I am! So being familiar with the community, and hopefully being a part of it, is a good thing. :tada:

And design is definitely an area where it would be great to have more community participation and input, so if you have any ideas you’d love to see happen, this is the place to be. Again, welcome! :blush:

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Hi, Aditya Jain this side. I have around 20 years of exp, mostly in testing of embedded systems as black box.

Recently moved to development. Saw some possible updates that can be made to “create-your-first-snap” article, and joined the community for that.


Aditya, thanks for joining us, especially because you saw something that needed updating and you knew you could improve it. We’re happy to have you here!

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Hi everyone! Really happy to join the community here! I’ve applied for a role in engineering at Canonical/Ubuntu and was invited to come introduce myself.

I’ve been using Linux off & on for close to 30 years (!!), and have been a big fan of Ubuntu since the first release in Oct 2004 – Warty Warthog (:joy:) – having found it after using Debian for a few years prior to that.

I started using it at a job where we were given the flexibility to use linux – with support from IT to get things working. I was the trailblazer among my team with Ubuntu and convinced folks to use it in spite of the odd brown color scheme :slight_smile:

I grew to prefer Kubuntu over the years, and more recently have become a Mac user as my jobs have made that a more practical choice. Looking forward to going back to using open source as my daily driver.

Kind greetings!



Hi All, I am relatively new to this forum. Have been going through the different offerings of Canonical.

As i make the transition to Ubuntu for business use, play with android development as a hobby and explore capabilities of cloud open stack, the possibilities are quite exciting.

I hope to learn and benefit immensely from this forum.


Hi, I am a firm fan of Linux and have been using it since 12.04 but I’m really only a beginner, being an 80 year old and therefore something of a luddite. I was attracted to linux because Windows was such an awful system and I couldn’t stand the way it interrupted everything I did with its constant updates, bloating and heavy use of memory, not to mention the dreaded circle of death!
In all the time I’ve used Ubuntu, I don’t remember it crashing even once, which is pretty fantastic.
I upgraded to 22.04 on my normal desktop last week without issue. Yesterday I upgraded on my mini computer and suddenly, after another painless upgrade, I notice that now, on startup it is asking me for my password twice. Once in the centre of the screen and then again in the top left hand corner. Is this a bug I ask myself. Anyway I just thought I would mention it in case it is of interest to the developers who have done such sterling work all these years.


Hello Monica! My name is Zac and I was directed here from an email response I received subsequent to an application I submitted for a Linux Systems Engineer position at Canonical. I am eager to learn and to integrate into this community but figuring out where to start is a bit daunting.

I’m a daily Ubuntu user interested in Linux, software development and all things data. My principle languages to this point are C/C++ and Python.

Any words of wisdom or advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated.


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Simon … thanks for this comment! I’m in my early 40’s and am making a career transition into software development.

You, sir, are an inspiration!

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Zac do you have a launchpad page you can share with
your Ubuntu accomplishments ?
Here is mine, not much to speak of…!
Please make your self a Launchpad page…
If you volunteer some of your free time for Ubuntu…
Perhaps it may go toward you becoming an
Ubuntu Community Member then afterward accomplishing a goal.
Have you had at least 4 years of collage in computer science ?
Volunteer for free to these perhaps after a long time you may
be considered …

Morning, Bernard. Thanks for the advise! I do not have a Launchpad page but I will look into it.

My undergrad was in Applied Mathematics and Cellular/Molecular Biology not Computer Science.

I am hoping to get involved in an open source project. The one I have been thinking about is an open source Django based CRM I found on Github. https://github.com/MicroPyramid/Django-CRM. I’m sure this is a common excuse but I have had a hard time fitting it into my schedule at the moment.

I am just finishing the first course in a Statistics and Data Science microMasters I am enrolled in through MITx https://micromasters.mit.edu/ds/ and am studying for my first TOFCL language proficiency exam. That plus my “real job” is about my limit at the moment.

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Statistics and data analysis, data science.
So you know Python and C programing language.
You do have a full schedule. Best of luck to you.
Welcome to the community.

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