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Level Path Navlink
0 About
1 getting-started Getting started with IoT
0 Ubuntu Core
1 intro-ubuntu-core Introduction to Ubuntu Core
1 selecting-hardware Selecting hardware
1 device-enablement Device enablement
1 certification Certification and validation
0 Build your applications
1 snaps-intro Introduction to snaps
1 snap-crafting Snap crafting
1 snap-publishing Snap publishing
0 Learn about the IoT app store
1 iot-app-store-intro Introduction to the IoT App Store
1 snap-store-vs-iot-app-store Snap Store vs IoT App Store
1 iot-app-store-commissioning Commissioning an IoT app store
1 custom-image Custom image creation
1 connecting-devices Connecting new devices
0 Using the IoT App Store
1 managing-an-app-store Managing an App Store
1 updating-software Updating software
1 snap-inclusion Snap Inclusion
1 administrator-role Users and roles: administrator
1 reviewer-role Users and roles: reviewer
1 viewer-role Users and roles: viewer
1 publisher-role Users and roles: publisher
1 collaborator-role Users and roles: collaborators
0 More services
1 technical-support Technical support
1 training Training workshops
1 advanced-options Advanced options


Mapping table
Path Location
hardware-setup /t/selecting-hardware/27461
snap-application-packaging /t/introduction-to-snaps/27474
snap-publishing /t/snap-publishing/27476
app-store-commissioning /t/commissioning-an-iot-app-store/27478
custom-image-creation /t/custom-image-creation/27464
secure-device-onboarding /t/connecting-new-devices/27465
operating-an-app-store /t/managing-an-app-store/27479
training-workshops /t/training-workshops/27467
certification-and-validation /t/certification-and-validation/27463