Yaru Folder icon doesn't match others in Ubuntu 20.04

Yaru Folder icon doesn’t match others in Ubuntu 20.04. It is inside squircle.

Today’s Ubuntu daily.

Please file this bug at their tracker: github.com/ubuntu/yaru/issues

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We have been talking about “squircles” quite sometime ago.

@chanath you may well have been discussing it here with people, but the place to report bugs with the yaru theme is on their issue tracker.

The Yaru Folder icon is quite alright where it is situated (/usr/share/icons/yaru/…), but not alright when it is shown (represented) on the Dock and on the App grid. In other words, there’s no bug concerning the icon, only its representation elsewhere.


I think it is actually a step back from using the official core GNOME app icons, in case of Nautilus: the blue file cabinet.


Agreed - It’s a folder icon not a cabinet!

Indeed, even if the folder icon were a right match for the new folder style, the cabinet icon is both of superior quality and more representative of a file manager.