Squircled Yaru icons

Maybe, the Yaru folder icons would look nicer within the squircle? Or, maybe “squircling” them make them somewhat ugly?

folder-squircled1 user-trash

I like it the way they are now. :slight_smile:


The standard size of the icons are smaller by some % (grey square around the icons below) and some of the standard icons are of different sizes.

actual sizes and lot of wasted spaces

If they are inside a squircle, they may be made to look consistent, I suppose.

Squircled as in iOS, but not really covering the square, for example 256x256. At the moment it is ~82%, which is somewhat less useful. The squircle should take up as much as possible space within the 256x256 square. There is a loss of ~13% in height/width ratio.

squircled folders

The Desktop is not placed in a squircle, for there’s no desktop as such. As it can be seen, that square in the ‘squircle’ is not exactly square, so it is not a squircle, but a rectangle-cle, flatter on the horizontal. If the squircle was a square-cle, then the Trash icon, for example would look nice (consistent) on the dark Yaru theme.

Anyway, here’s how they look in the Menu,

They are not squares, so not squircles – not a square with rounded corners. Just rectangles with longer horizontal sides, or rectangle-cles. Note the round icons; the round icon touches the sides the 256x256 square exactly.

Below is an exactly square squircle icon. The folder image in it is still has the rectangle look.

exact squircle

And, this is the full icon, covering ~98% of the 256x256 square.

full size

But, maybe having rectangle-cle icons are better for eyes, only the colours (at least for me) should be changed to something like cyan or teal.

Random non-squircled icons with somewhat lighter background, easy on the eyes.


Not really a fan, unless the color can be automatically configured to be filled with a “complementary color” (not really sure what word I’m looking for). I just don’t want it to look white (like in Google’s apps on iOS and Android).

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I am just playing with the icons, placing into an exact squircle. I think they are getting the “complimentary background colour.”

another try

Little bit different than Yaru/Suru, but more like standard iOS 7, but still “squircled.”



Another try, just for fun…

another test squircling

another try 3

bubble try

Not infringing on anyone’s rights, btw, just experimenting.

Hope the Yaru team would create its own background and icons for Ubuntu.

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Square and glassy…

Not infringing on other’s rights, just playing.