Windows Insider to have Android phone intigration

I know it has been talked about, but are there plans to have GSConnect supported out of the box in Ubuntu 19.10? Looks like Windows is going to have something similar soon. They are testing it in their latest Windows


Indeed, would be nice to have as a default install. Why isn’t it now, buggy or …?

The mobile phone is usually in the pocket (or on the desk), so why the need to “connect” with it while using the laptop/desktop? The mobile rings, lights up with an sms, and so on. If you are using Skype, it is there in both the mobile and the laptop. The only connection needed is to transfer files, photos etc. And, that can be done with bluetooth, which is there in every device these days. And, of course, through cable. Are we that lazy, or are we that tired?

It’s easier to do things on the larger screen, texting long notes etc. I believe there is much demand for this functionality, although admittedly I haven’t seen any data to back this up.

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