Wifi-ap Available Commands

The wifi-ap snap offers a few command line utility programs to configure and control an access point.


The wifi-ap.config command allows to change one or multiple of the various available configuration options of the access point.


$ wifi-ap.config set disabled=false $ wifi-ap.config get debug: false dhcp.lease-time: 12h dhcp.range-start: dhcp.range-stop: disabled: true share.disabled: false share.network-interface: wlan0 wifi.address: wifi.channel: 6 wifi.country-code: wifi.hostapd-driver: nl80211 wifi.interface: wlan0 wifi.interface-mode: direct wifi.netmask: wifi.operation-mode: g wifi.security: open wifi.security-passphrase: wifi.ssid: Ubuntu


The wifi-ap.status command allows to display the current status of the operated access point or perform different actions.

$ wifi-ap.status ap.active: false $ wifi-ap.status restart-ap