Which kernel will Ubuntu 21.10 use?

I read somewhere on Twitter that 21.10 is sticking to 5.13. No chance it’ll get 5.14?

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We are currently testing and maintaining a linux-unstable 5.14 in the unstable ppa (https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/), but the plan is to stick with 5.13 in 21.10 for now.


Hopefully that changes

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Why do you hope that? Which specific kernel feature of 5.14, which is not present in 5.13 do you need?

  • Think-LMI driver
  • support for upcoming AMD & Intel CPUs & GPUs
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The Think-LMI driver is useful for people with specific firmware. After a first glance, I do not think, that the new driver is essential. I see it more as a nice-to-have feature.

I do not package the kernel (for a PPA) and I do not know, how the kernel packagers work, but you can always open a bug report on launchpad.net and describe in detail, why this driver is needed.

  • What is not working without this driver?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Which hardware/firmware is affected?

If you have good reasons and also other people have the same need, I think, the new driver could land also in the 5.13 Ubuntu kernel. And if not, there are other ways to have a newer kernel in impish: PPA, compile from source.

I doubt, that anyone can help you with this.

There has been this issue about AMD Ryzen 4xxx and later that they fail modern standby - unless ACPI tables contained some flag + something else. This huge thread deals with multiple issues related to standby and power management: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/amd/-/issues/1230

Shortly put the 5.14 is the first stock kernel that most modern AMD laptops can use. 5.15 would be even better.


We are working on a 5.15 linux-unstable at the moment. If you want to give it a try packages are available in ppa:canonical-kernel-team/unstable (keep in mind that is an unstable kernel, so it has not passed all the testing yet).

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Yes, I can get working kernel. It would be nice if ubuntu would work out of the box with most new amd laptops. :slight_smile: I understand that amd hasnt been very proactive with this issue, but now the status of these (power management and suspend/resume) issues seem promising. That 5.13 kernel is unusable for most (?) of these ryzen (zen2 or later) laptops.


We are working on a 5.15 linux-unstable at the moment.

According to the zfs 2.0.6 release notes, only kernels 3.10–5.14 are currently supported. Does that mean that you want to patch the associated packages downstream as well? Sounds like a lot of potential extra work (w.r.t. tests!) compared to “just” using kernel 5.14 and waiting for zfs 2.0.7 (or, hopefully, for 2.1.x, x>1) …

@m_ueberall the release notes says up to 5.14 kernels, but if you look at the changelog there are changes to support also 5.15, so I guess they mention 5.14 only because of a lack of testing. We are currently enabling zfs with 5.15 and the initial testing passed correctly. Obviously we need to do more extensive testing (and ubuntu 5.15 is still a linux-unstable kernel), but it looks 5.15 is supported so far.

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