Using the latest PPA kernels

Could somebody tell me how I could use the latest ppa-kernels with the snap-apparmor-jail functions? Is there a way/method for this?

if you refer to the mainline test build PPA kernels, they are missing options, patches and defaults… these kernels are solely to be used for bug verification to compare an ubuntu kernel to a plain mainline build in case a kernel team member asks you to install them in a bug conversation … they should not be used in production ever, do not get security fixes and are not updated/updateable …


Thanks for the answer. If I understood well these patches can not be applied to the mainline kernels. Is it true?

Well, the Ubuntu kernels are indeed the mainline kernels with the patches (and an Ubuntu config) applied … but these PPA kernels are simply plain mainline for debugging purposes.

It requires some work to apply the patches and test these kernels, which is why the kernel team does only build selected versions (the ones likely to become part of the next Ubuntu release) and not each and every single upstream release.

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