Where's the 'reply' buttons?

Hello, Updating Ubuntu package version seems to be missing all the ‘reply’ buttons. Where’d they go?




Hmmm. It’s not universal. I have all the usual buttons.

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I think when it was moved to Support & Help Requests I too lost the ability to reply to my own post. Maybe it has something to do with levels but I for instance in this example I would have wanted to reply further to the post I made :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad you noticed the same!


Ah, that may indeed be it. Learned something today.

I have returned that topic to the Desktop category so folks can edit and respond.

It seems, as written, a fairly common support question. Saw something similar about AbiWord in UbuntuForums an hour ago. We will see how the discussion goes. There is a chance it may find its way back to the Help & Support section.


Unwanted network interfaces (virtual functions) in ubuntu-core-22 is another such case. Sergio was replying to the comment, got an answer, and now he cannot (nor can I) reply to the thread anymore because it was moved to the Support & Help Requests. This sounds like a bug, and can be very frustrating.


Interestingly enough, @ilvipero says he can reply on that topic. (I cannot.) So this gives me hope that someone who understands Discourse can figure out a setting to change to let more of us use Discourse.

Unfortunately, I understand Ask Ubuntu is flooded with junk AI answers these days, so there may not even be a realistic alternative to recommend.

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Try again. It’s no longer in the Help&Support section, which seems to have been the problem. Reloading the page might help.

Well, that might paint a rather darker picture than I might. We’re still helping a lot of people in AskUbuntu. The community has adapted to recognize and fight the AI-authored junk. It remains a viable support channel. (If not, jump into AskUbuntu Meta and raise the problems you see!)

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I’m very glad to hear this. I’ve got a special fondness for the stack exchange family of sites and would hate to see this resource overrun by garbagebots.