Where's the 'reply' buttons?

Hello, Updating Ubuntu package version seems to be missing all the ‘reply’ buttons. Where’d they go?



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Hmmm. It’s not universal. I have all the usual buttons.

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I think when it was moved to Support & Help Requests I too lost the ability to reply to my own post. Maybe it has something to do with levels but I for instance in this example I would have wanted to reply further to the post I made :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad you noticed the same!

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Ah, that may indeed be it. Learned something today.

I have returned that topic to the Desktop category so folks can edit and respond.

It seems, as written, a fairly common support question. Saw something similar about AbiWord in UbuntuForums an hour ago. We will see how the discussion goes. There is a chance it may find its way back to the Help & Support section.