Updating Ubuntu package version

I would like to update the version of the following package: https://packages.ubuntu.com/lunar/rbenv in the official repositories. Which steps would I have to take so that everyone would have a newer version of this package.

I would also like to add a screenshot to the package page.

rbenv is packaged at Debian, so one thing you can do is to send a message to the debian-ruby mailing list with a reminder that a newer upstream version is available. Maybe also ping some member in Ubuntu’s MOTURuby team. @lucaskanashiro (just did that :slightly_smiling_face:).


See https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/rbenv


A great deal of volunteer work is needed. Time to get involved, join that mailing list and pick away at the actions needed. When a new upstream release can be successfully packaged, it will flow into a future Ubuntu release.


Thanks for both replies! Both are great and give me direction. Which one should I mark as a solution?

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Neither is a true solution. Both are guideposts and resources.

You are just starting the road to a solution.

You could mark neither --or either-- as a solution. It’s really up to you whether you think it helped. Were it me, I would choose neither since…well, I said it in the first sentence already. But it’s not me.

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Haha you’re right :smiley: I know neither is a solution. I just wanted to know whether I should mark one as a solution for the others.

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