What's the state of snap store?


Looking for my snap come back (for CUPS) (not for VLC that does not work…).
I check snap store (and its flutter new version):


  • is the flutter software app still planned for Ubuntu?
  • if so, why its github repo is archived? why the snap version is outdated?


The flutter version should be the preview/edge: 0.3.0-alpha 2023-06-27 (1013) 11MB -

  latest/stable:     41.3-71-g709398e 2023-04-28  (959) 12MB -
  latest/candidate:  41.3-71-g709398e 2023-04-27  (959) 12MB -
  latest/beta:       ↑                                       
  latest/edge:       41.3-71-g709398e 2023-03-29  (959) 12MB -
  preview/stable:    –                                       
  preview/candidate: 0.2.7-alpha      2023-02-02  (864) 10MB -
  preview/beta:      ↑                                       
  preview/edge:      0.3.0-alpha      2023-06-27 (1013) 11MB -

Ok that solves part II of 2nd question!
I had to click on All Releases.

It is far from stopped
canonical has taken over the development and I have moved the repository to github/ubuntu
Canonical has renamed it to app-store
The archived repo is a fork to preserve my part of the project until the end of humanity :laughing:

So what you are looking for is:

Canonicals development happens currently in the dev branch


Ok, great.

This ubuntu snap’s channel is preview/edge or is there a specific stable/ubuntu-23.10 one or something like that?

As Canonical’s lead on the development/design has just started in the last weeks I have not more information about what the plan for the snap channels are.
Just be a bit patient I am sure @tim-hm and/or @kenvandine will give more updates soon :slight_smile:

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:wave: :slight_smile:


Thx @frederik-f :pray:

Yes please be patient. Designs are progressing nicely as are some under-the-hood changes. We should be ready to share in the next few weeks. Once everything is ready for a more coherent presentation we’ll share it for wider feedback.


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