What's New in Beta

landscape-server 24.10~beta.1 published on 17 June 2024

  • feat: move the dashboard to debian dependency
  • feat: handle the rootfs URL parameter of the gRPC install command
  • feat: added about endpoint to API that gives self-hosted and version information
  • fix(package-search): include sslmode parameter in config for connections to Postgres (LP: #2064756)
  • fix: do not let admins disable themselves via the API
  • fix: remove sales phone numbers from the contact-us page
  • fix: repository resource also serves ‘ubuntu’ pseudodirectory (LP: #2065095)
  • fix: import datetime before use in grpc.async_server (LP: #2068927)

landscape-server 24.04.2+1 published on 3 June 2024

  • Feat: add offline config for airgapped systems
  • Fix: ignore the HH:MM:SS part of the timestamp in meta-release info
  • Fix: clear many ‘invalid escape sequence’ warnings in noble
  • Fix: search USN results on USN name and CVE IDs
  • Fix: open gRPC server connections make pings for connected host
  • Fix: create JWT regardless of old-API credentials existence
  • Fix: merge an accepted pending computer for a child with an existing one if a corresponding computer has already been accepted
  • Fix: changed wording on free saas account trials