What I did on my vacation

I went on a walking holiday, but one day the weather was too hot. So I started a couple of “hobby” projects:


This is a classic snap that contains utilities for using Ubuntu Frame on “desktop” systems.

For example, you can create a login that only provides access to a single fullscreen application.


This provides a basic Wayland desktop environment. It is easy to configure different “shell components” such as launcher, dock(s) and background. It isn’t polished, but is “daily driver” capable as I used it for the rest of the week I was away.



MATE desktop components on Miriway


I’ve now been testing with yambar, swaybg and synapse


There’s now an easy way to set up this configuration available in the Miriway repository:



Hey there @alan_g , i have a doubt regarding mir, let me explain it a bit, i use a DE say LXQT, it currently uses openbox(X11), if i wish to swith to wayland/mir , i can currently use mir with miral-app or something like egmde but that isnt even close to openbox, i mean its something not natively a part of the system, its morelike a external entity, so if i decide to replace or fork a openbox like thing built with mir such that the complete lxqt system use it like window manager and compositor, is this possible ??

Hey there @capecrusader-121, yes.

Wayland effectively merges the X11 window manager (openbox) and compositor (Xorg) into the Wayland compositor.

Mir provides the compositor functionality and makes it easy to implement the window management.

The Wayland compositors written within the MirServer project so far have either been examples, or impose a very specific style of window management (e.g. Ubuntu Frame is about “one fullscreen app on a screen”).

With the Miriway project mentioned above I am aiming to create a Mir based Wayland compositor with the configuration hooks needed to integrate other elements of a desktop environment and to customise the window management.

So it is comparable to Openbox + Xorg. But it likely doesn’t have everything you’re looking for yet - you are welcome to help there.


Thanks for the info, i will surely checkout