Miriway: status 23.04

I introduced Miriway last year with What I did on my vacation. It takes the Mir libraries and and provides a Wayland compositor with configuration options for much of the experience required for a “desktop” experience.

I’ve also written about A reference Miriway configuration which provides a common base for Mir developers to “dogfood” Mir on the desktop. This also forms the basis for the experimental confined-desktop snap.

But Miriway is intended to be configurable, and I wanted to prove that it can be configured to work with generic desktop components. So I’ve added a set of scripts to the project to automate that configuration (in the example-configs subdirectory).

These demonstrate of how it works with components from a range of Linux desktop environments:

  • SWAY (waybar, wofi)
  • LXQT (lxqtrunner, qterminal)
  • MATE (mate-panel, mate-terminal)
  • XFCE (xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-terminal)

Here is video using these scripts to demonstrate how flexible Miriway is:


There may be more components that work than I’ve discovered, as I’m not familiar with the structure of any of these environments. But the scripts used for setting up Miriway to use them should be easy to improve. PRs welcome!