What happened with the Community Council?

Is it safe to say the Community Council it’s officially dead?
There is not an election either.
That implies the community it’s over and Ubuntu it’s just another corporative operating system.
Thank you all for all these years. It’s been a pleasure. Good bye and take care. :cry:


I’ve been wondering about that as well.

The Loco Council seems to have gone too.

I wonder, did both councils have so little to do recently that they decided not to continue? If that’s the case I think there should have been announcements to let everyone know.


Too “little to do” does not sound as a plausible explanation to me, @paulw2u.

I see that related wiki pages are still up, for instance LoCo Teams and LoCo Council.

I’m also interested in knowing the current status of the “community”. Very interested, actually. @popey, are you possibly able to shed some light on it?


This is of interest to the Ubuntu-Arizona Team as well. We got on the agenda for the LoCo Council to be re-verified over a month ago and was emailed to be ready on 11 Nov (their next meeting). No one showed leaving us and the Colombian Team waiting for the meeting to begin. I checked Launchpad intending to email the members only to discover that there are no members. And then discovered that there is only one member of the Ubuntu Council, the founder of the Ubuntu Project himself. We are in a holding pattern wondering what is going on as well.


The LoCo Council it’s elected by the Community Council. The LoCo Council were aware of this issue until their membership expired.

I probably should have added an appropriate smiley to my post. :man_shrugging:

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Any News?

Not have LoCo Council!

Why yes, there is news! Seems like things will start moving forward again: