LoCo Reverification

I’m from Ubuntu Colombia and we have been waiting for the approval of the Official Ubuntu LoCo Team for a long time to continue with our activities, but we have come across the surprise that today there are no leaders in the LoCo Team, which Can we and other countries that require reapproval?

We are all waiting for the community council to be reactivated. Until then you can continue with your activities… Unofficially

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My presumption is that you need access to Community Funds. If I were you, I would merely make the application for the allocation of those funds.

Hello everyone, I’m from Ubuntu Venezuela, we are also on the agenda for team reverification

I am not sure how or who has approved our application for re-verification since there are no members of the Ubuntu Local Community Council. The Ubuntu Community Council which is supposed to nominate individuals to be voted on by the membership is also apparently devoid of members with the exception of Mark. We were not looking for funds just our biennial re-verification which has been miraculously approved. The only advice that I can offer the Teams from Colombia and Venezuela is to wait until both Councils get re-populated. The Arizona Team was prepared to do just that.