What happened to the Team Updates?

Over the past couple months during 2023, some Teams have ceased posting their updates. Or fewer team members have contributed their summaries.

We’ve noticed. Out in the wider world, the community reads them. It’s an important way we learn about the great work you are doing.

These summaries feed directly into discussions in various communities. They are very useful for suppressing the endless stream of false rumors and FUD. The summaries lead directly to better community support at AskUbuntu and UbuntuForums.

You deserve credit for your hard work!

So thanks to the folks who have stayed on the wagon.
And a gentle encouragement to the folks who have been, er, postponing to jump back in.


Hi ya! Since this is our first full pulse back post summer leave I’m aiming to do the next update post our internal review/retro. If I’m organised I’ll publish it Friday afternoon, but if time gets away from me then it’ll be on Monday.


These things too get disseminated on our UbuntuWeeklyNewletter.

-just so yall know-


Given “over the past couple months”, I assume Ian is talking about https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/desktop/team-updates.