Vulkan on Mir/Wayland

It came to my attention today that we hadn’t tried running Vulkan based clients on Mir.

So I tried building the Vulkan “Hologram” sample program with Wayland support and running it on the egmde desktop snap.

It worked:



Sorry if I missed more recent posts regarding this topic, but I’m curious: Is Vulkan on Mir currently considered fully supported and stable, or is more work still needed?

In theory, surfaces drawn by Vulkan clients can be composited the same as other clients.

In practice, we tried it and it “just worked”, like the theory says.

This isn’t something we have needed to actively test and fix, but we’ve not heard of any issues. Have you encountered problems?

Nope, I haven’t experienced or heard of any problems. Rather, I hadn’t heard much about Vulkan on Mir since your original post, and was wondering if (and hoping that) no news was indeed good news. :slight_smile: