Mir News: 2nd of November 2018

Another slow week in git master, some of the things which are brewing are nearing visibility. @wmww continues on in MATE-land.

The first interface changes required for client 3D support in the NVIDIA platform have landed. In order to validate that the new interfaces are usable for Mir-based shells that want to replace the renderer, I’ve got a branch of QtMir that uses them (or, at least, builds against them; I’ve not yet tested that it works). Hopefully Next Week In Mir we’ll have a video of the iconic glmark2 spinning stallion running under Unity8 on NVIDIA hardware!

In other smaller chunks, we’ve switched off Fedora 27 and enabled the newly-released Fedora 29 in CI - and fixed some problems small problems along the way. Also, two of the problems with running on musl libc - properly finding bash and using non-portable POSIX functions - have been fixed. Only some build failures in the tests are left preventing Mir from being entirely successful when built against musl!

Also, while it wasn’t this week, I’ve long thought that Vulkan should Just Work™ on Mir servers now that we support Wayland, and happily Alan confirmed it.