Vote in the Ubuntu 21.10 wallpaper competition

Update: Voting is closed, the forms below are closed to new votes and the winners are being determined. Stay tuned for a new annoucnment thread and blog post announcing the winners soon :blush: Thank you to everyone who voted :partying_face:

This release’s wallpaper competition has attracted over 200 entries. THE MOST EVER :partying_face: :partying_face: Thank you to everyone who entered and submitted their beautiful artwork :gift_heart:

Now it’s time to vote for the 10 images you would like included in the official Ubuntu 21.10 release as optional wallpapers. Submissions have closed. :stop_sign:

Cast your votes via this form: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Which contains all the images and a checkbox to indicate your vote. You are limited to 10. Since the images in the form are pretty small we suggest you keep the competition topic open in another window so you can examine the images more in-depth. :eyeglasses:

You don’t have long, voting closes at 2021-08-27T09:00:00Z. Make sure you get your votes in and make sure you tell your friends, the time is now :world_map: The 10 submissions with the most votes will be featured in various places where Ubuntu lives. The top TWO will make it into the official image. We will announce the winners on the same day during the Desktop Team Indaba and in another thread on the 27th of August :video_camera:


We would like to apologise to the artists and photographers and designers who participated. Especially those with high resolution, beautifully detailed images. Google forms do not do them justice. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a better platform to host the competition in the short amount of time we had to organise everything.

We hope to do better next time for 22.04, the big one, the LTS. If anyone out there knows of, or wants to develop, a platform that we could use next time that allows us to keep a 10 vote limit and display submissions in beautiful resolution, let us know. Send Monica, @madhens in discourse a message, or reply to this very thread

Happy voting :blush: