Vanilla Remix (Ubuntu but with Adwaita UX)

Hello everybody,
I am working on a variant of Ubuntu with vanilla Gnome with Adwaita UX instead of Yaru, which is quite a nice theme but many users including me prefer adwaita. This is shown in the volume of guides on how to install a standard gnome experience on Ubuntu. AFAIK there was a Ubuntu flavour that did this until 17.04 when Ubuntu switched back to gnome. I am currently making a working ISO based on Ubuntu 22.10 for those users who prefer stock Gnome UI like Fedora has done.
Please tell me what you think and help


sudo apt install gnome-session

gives you the vanilla gnome experience


I know, but I’m making it into a system with that preinstalled
Some pictures of the current state:

PS Thanks for the tip


Pretty Cool Man! Nice Thought :slight_smile:

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Can someone help design a logo or something?
That would really help.

Wish granted!

However, I do not know whether you can use the names Ubuntu and Gnome.



Perhaps use this

Screenshot from 2023-01-03 22-27-57

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I’m Pretty Impressed Dilip Bhai, I wanna Make Wallpaper for This Remix

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Hoping to see your artwork.

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Pretty good. I’ll use it

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Just thinking, what about ‘Vanilla’ being in Cantarell (because it’s vanilla gnome) and ‘Remix’ being in Ubuntu font because it’s a Ubuntu remix. Would it look clashing or would it look ok?

Quick Question: To have Snap or not to have snap?
PS: Is there a quick way of stripping Ubuntu branding?
Nobody wants to get sued for trademark infringement

So long as one uses “Remix” or something else to distinguish that it’s not an official flavor, Canonical has taken the policy of not going after unofficial flavors in this regard.


@eeickmeyer What about logos and system identification?

Same deal, otherwise all of the other remixes wouldn’t exist or have existed prior to becoming official flavors.


Glad you like it.

Sure. Before that, do you mind sharing some info about you? Name, country, and previous experience with Ubuntu? Simply to know whom we are helping…

So I Kept Adwaita, Gnome and the Logo in mind and made this Default Wallpaper for the remix. I do have more Wallpaper Ideas if this Project Continues would love to see a Vanilla Ubuntu Remix


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My name is Danche and I Live in the UK.
I have had experience with many distros including arch and Opensuse. I use Ubuntu because I can do actual work on it. I am good at bash and know some C.
Ubuntu was actually my first distro until I became obsessed with rolling release…They were unstable and I realised I needed to be able to do actual work instead of editing config files all day. So I eventually went to Ubuntu because minimal config and very stable.


That is really good. Thanks to everybody helping this project.

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Nice to know about you. :slight_smile:

Logo as suggested

Screenshot from 2023-01-04 05-24-26

I used the Cantarell font for " Vanilla "