Vanilla Remix (Ubuntu but with Adwaita UX)

Looks nice :slight_smile:

I made a version based on the logo. " The Rise of Gnome "

Good to Know^^
This Community is Great :slightly_smiling_face:

Minimal and Simple, I like this :smiley:

@meetdilip I would appreciate it if the logo is vector or at least has a transparent background. Thanks!

I repeat again: Snap or no Snap.
(Cause maybe some users like it…???)

Transparent PNG

Vanilla Remix 2  Cantarell

Not sure how to add an SVG or Zip here

Hello there!
It looks like a really neat project! Just wanted to mention there is a relatively new Ubuntu-based distro out there called Vanilla OS. Just to avoid confusion, you may want to consider an alternative name.


Maybe Adwaita remix (?)
Do you have any ideas you may want to share?

Because this is just Ubuntu with other packages + branding we could get a beta release soon

Adwaita Remix Logo 2

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What about both Flatpak and Snap? If you do, have default Gnome Software installed with the Snap plugin and the Flatpak plugin

@meetdilip @espio347 Because of name changes, the wallpaper names have changed:
Vanilla Kudu has become Adwaita Kudu
Rise of GNOME has become Rise of Adwaita (Sorry, I am cautious around trademarks)
Please tell me if you have any objections or concerns.

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Sure. I do not have any issue renaming it to the Rise of Adwaita. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind it either man, Just name it whatever you like🙂

I think Adwaita Remix is a good name. Most Linux folk will know exactly what it’s all about.
The logo looks great BTW!

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Thanks everybody! I am still trying to rebrand the system (Users would wonder why it says ‘Try or install Ubuntu’ on live usb grub menu)

EDIT: I figured out how to change the menu message to ‘Try and install Adwaita Remix’

Do let me know if you need more wallpapers, I’ll try and make some more

If you plan on becoming an official flavor, you’re not going to have a choice if you plan on having Firefox or Chromium since they’re only available as snaps, and using external repositories for an official flavor is not allowed.

Which begs the questions: are you planning on becoming an official flavor? Because if not, then this discussion category (“For discussions affecting official Ubuntu Flavours”) seems entirely inappropriate.

We’ve had proposed flavors come and go in here, but they all had one thing in common: the goal was to become an official flavor. I sincerely hope that’s the goal, and I realize you’re in early stages. If it is the goal, then I question your removal of the Ubuntu name since all official flavors have the Ubuntu name in common (even remixes intending to become official flavors don’t need to worry about this as I’ve stated before).

If your intention is to not become an official flavor, then, with my moderator hat on, I question your purpose for posting in this category other than to draw attention and awareness.


I actually have no idea if we should be an official flavor; I’m still working the technical kinks out! I mean, we could become Ubuntu Gnome’s revival, but this project would need a lot of time and maturity to become worthy of a Ubuntu Flavor.
I was just worried that the inclusion/removal of snap poses issues on controversy: now the remix has snap+flatpak
Also, I dread having to change name, because I have to change system info, @meetdilip needs to do logos, and I have to move wallpaper paths.
PS sorry for previous comment, I did not read it properly.

How difficult would it be to revive Ubuntu Gnome?
Thanks @meetdilip

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