Upgrading charms

Prior to performing either a Ceph upgrade or an operating system upgrade all charms should be upgraded to their latest stable revision, which is the default behaviour of the refresh command (this can potentially be a multi-revision upgrade).

Important: The Ceph charms have been tested for single-step (revision) charm upgrades only (N+1).

The Juju command to use for upgrading charms is refresh. For extra guidance see Update a charm in the Juju documentation.

In terms of the upgrade order, begin with ceph-mon, after which the remaining charms can be upgraded in any order. If using a charm delivered via the Charmhub:

juju refresh ceph-mon

Verify the success of an upgrade before moving on to the next charm. Do this by inspecting the juju status command output.

The callout is a bit vague on scope, and could lead to some confusion. Let’s refer to this other page that clarifies somewhat, between package versions and discrete Charm versions.

There’s subtlety there where you can still upgrade the charms N+x within a single Ceph version (ceph-mon-51 to ceph-mon-61 for example), but not jump between multiple Ceph versions (13.x to 15.x in a single upgrade).

This isn’t correct - the command is juju refresh, as per Upgrading a charm - doc - Charmhub.

Thanks. The document has been updated.