Charmed Ceph Documentation

Charmed Ceph is a general purpose software defined storage solution.

Ceph provides object, block, and file based storage on commodity hardware. Charmed Ceph provides world class deployment and operational ease of use for Ceph.

Charmed Ceph offers corporate users a robust and manageable full-suite storage solution that they demand.

Charmed Ceph is useful to any user who has a large and growing volume of valuable data to manage, and appreciates the ease of integration with other cloud services.

In this documentation

The Getting Started guide is recommended for new users.
How-to guides
The How-to guides contain a rich set of tasks.
See the Pool types section.
See the Release notes and Appendices.

Project and community

Charmed Ceph is an Open Source project that welcomes usage discussion, project feedback, and especially contributions!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about integrating Charmed Ceph into your project.


Level Path Navlink
0 home Home
1 getting-started Getting Started
0 project Project
1 requirements Requirements
1 supported-ceph-versions Supported Ceph versions
1 release-cycle Release cycle
1 ubuntu-pro Ubuntu Pro
0 howtos How-to guides
1 install-ceph Install
2 install-ceph Charmed Ceph
2 install-dashboard Ceph Dashboard
1 file-storage Storage types
2 file-storage File storage
2 object-storage Object storage
2 block-storage Block storage
1 adding-osds Node lifecycle
2 adding-osds Adding OSDs
2 adding-mons Adding MONs
2 replacing-osd-disks Replacing OSD disks
2 removing-osds Removing OSDs
2 removing-mons Removing MONs
1 setting-up-multi-site Multi-site operations
2 setting-up-multi-site Setting up multi-site replication
2 recovering-multi-site Recovering from an outage with multi-site replication
2 scaling-down-multi-site Scaling down multi-site to single-site
1 power-cycling-nodes Power cycling nodes
1 encryption-at-rest Encryption at Rest
1 kubernetes Integrations
2 kubernetes Kubernetes
2 lxd LXD
2 openstack OpenStack
2 vmware VMware
1 software-upgrades Software upgrades
2 upgrading-charms Upgrading charms
2 upgrading-nodes Upgrading node operating system
2 upgrading-ceph Upgrading Ceph
0 multi-site Concepts
1 multi-site RADOS Gateway multi-site
1 pool-types Pool types
2 replicated-pools Replicated pools
2 erasure-coded-pools Erasure coded pools
0 release-notes Reference
1 release-notes Release notes
1 metrics-and-alerts Metrics and alerts
1 alerts-guide Alerts guide
1 appendices Appendices
2 client-setup Client setup
2 charm-list Charm list
2 upgrade-notes Upgrade notes
0 contact-us Get in touch
doc-contrib Documentation contributions

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