Upgrade single cloud to cluster


I think I know the answer, but it couldn’t hurt asking either way.

We have several single cloud non-clustered setup, using juju. We have now decided to upgrade our stack to a big cluster instead. I have seen the command lxc cluster enable <name> that enables clustering, which works as expected. The thing is now to get in the other clouds to join this cluster without losing any data/instances already running on these clouds.

Is there a way to do this? without the need of using lxd init?

When trying out clustering before I have noticed the message ~“all data will be lost when join cluster”. So my gut says that this is not going to work.

Grateful for any answer

Hi @omgzilla, unfortunately it is not possible to join two or more standalone LXD servers into a cluster if they already have workloads. This is because we can’t guarantee consistency or automatically resolve conflicts in the database.


Thank you for explaining that to me :slight_smile: really appreciate it!