Unity 7 Theme Ideas and Concepts


Continuing the https://community.ubuntu.com/t/unity-7-continuation-call-for-developers-and-supporters/736/138 conversation, I noticed that many people were posting comments about themes and ideas for Unity 7, but they (I believe) were removed because the conversation was made for the technical side of things.

So I made a seperate thread, where these concepts and ideas could go.

My personal favorite: http://ubuntu.luxam.at/


I don’t think that this concept is Unity related. It seems that this is more like a Gnome concept.

It is a very cyberesque view/survey that is not really relevant to the unity7 project. I live in North America on the Canadian border adjacent from Detroit MI. I see all the time people flipping their iPads and and tablets for second hand lappys and desktops. Real work is done mostly on desktops and most persons want to extend the life of their lappy/netbook/desktop beyond that originally proposed by proprietary bean counters. PC hardware consumers of all walks of life and all age groups want to get maximum usage out of their hardware investments and the Ubuntu(s) give them exactly that. This is the Ubuntu beltway and to render and change Ubuntu systems to air and cloud only will be serious marketing challenge for the company, at least for the NA market. I rarely see anyone over 40 years old sitting in front of their tablets getting work done. In fact I rarely see anyone sitting in front of their iPads. iPads, phones and tablets are not - "sit down and get work done " devices. Perhaps in EU and the UK but not in NA.

Unity DE is a classical “get work done” operating system which could pull a lot of current desktop hardware into the 2030’s Users want to hold on to their desktops as long as they can , as long as Ubuntu provides a ways and means. If you cut off that ways and means then end_users will find some other way, some other linux system to keep their boxes going. (whoops) :slight_smile:

Please , don’t get me wrong… gnome3 is awesome but it is obviously designed for jetters and mobilists, not for blue collar bread and butter users.


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Its true that most youngsters browse the web, write smses, emails from those tablets/phones, but for the real work, you need a desktop/laptop. There are very few talented people, who can draw stuff using a phone, though.

Still, I don’t see Gnome (shell) as tablet/phone DE. There is no way to get around Android.

We tried at U+1 to test unity/next devices. The whole snappy experience. Just too much tight work. There was an RSI problem with the shoulders, one hand holding the pad, the other, tapping the slate. After 15 mins it’s just E’ll. If you are a more senior folk it’s even more e’ll. I have five slates. I used one for piano tuning once in a blue moon. The rest are just paper weights. The iPad I use only to operate Roland mixer for the choir. Otherwise it just sits there as an executive toy play thing. My phone ? Just text and calls. “Hi. be there in 5” - “K”. Unity is the great RSI reducer! I can’t stress this enough. I just love what those people @ canonical did with Unity.

Oy vey.


Android on tablet is a flash in the pan. After 90 days of that monotony , guarenteed it will get shelved or live with the dust bunnies. You can have it :slight_smile:

My slate is a 10" ‘2 in 1’ with Windows 10 32 bit, Intel Z8300. It boots up faster than my 64 bit i3 laptop with Linux (and 64bit Windows 10) and reacts faster. Because of the keyboard, I sometimes use it as a laptop (on the lap). That 32 bit system is real, not some toy as Android or iPad. My phone is Android, and I use it only to phone and send smses. Sometimes, I check the bus schedules, when I am not cycling. Btw, I fall into the category “more senior folk.”

Not diverging from the topic, the one thing that always bugged me was the status bar at the top.
It’s ugly. I still use Unity 7 because with a few tweaks it’s eye candy.

/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/unityshell/panel-opacity to 0
Screenshot from 2017-11-20 09-18-07

Unity 7 is the most beautiful desktop in the Ubuntu land, but the top eye-candy desktop is Deepin in the Debian Testing/Sid land. Even Budgie is copying it.

Whatever happened to the plan to release a Unity Remix distro? 20.04LTS is on the horizon and I haven’t seen any discussion at all… :frowning:


People are talking about this here https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/new-19-04-unity-iso/9649/28

Hey everyone!

I made some little updates on Yaru to better support Unity with PR https://github.com/ubuntu/yaru/pull/1670 now in master (together with PR 1671), and I’d love if anybody can give it a try and report some feedback.

There are some problems, but I don’t think they can be fixed on Yaru side, as example some applications have a titlebar together with the headerbar (Nautilus, Gnome Software) and other don’t (settings). Since headerbars have a top light border, this is quite visible, but to avoid it I should make a build specifically for Unity, which is not possible at the moment.

EDIT: I just saw the problem with headerbar is discussed here


Hello, you can use materia-gtk-theme css file to solve Unity problem.Captura de tela de 2019-12-24 19-05-48Captura de tela de 2019-12-24 19-07-34Captura de tela de 2019-12-24 19-08-06Captura de tela de 2019-12-24 19-08-23Captura de tela de 2019-12-24 19-09-49


Thanks for the tip. I just pushed a PR with this improvements


That’s looking amazing. Thank you for your hard work @c-lobrano


Captura de tela de 2020-01-03 19-02-04

Testing the Yaru-Mate theme and inserting this line corrects the problem of decorating GNOME applications.

Captura de tela de 2020-01-03 19-09-41
Captura de tela de 2020-01-03 19-03-50
Download: https://github.com/Initu-Castilhos/Yaru-Unity

Quick question, only slightly related to this. Are HUD and run and app search windows themable in any way the same the panels are? The thick rounded borders are looking very dated indeed.

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Yes, they are :slight_smile:

Tried Unity at U+1 again, works better but system reboots after ever 1 minute and applications not working.

Hello! I posted this earlier to the Testing Unity Session thread but this seems to be a more appropriate place, so I will post it again.
This is a mock-up I made for how the Yaru theme can be implemented. I based it on what is already working in the basic Unity support of the official Yaru theme, but filled in the missing elements, like the title-bar; close, minimise, maximise buttons; and different drop-down menus.

The icons on the top bar are mostly from the unrealised Suru. Some, like the battery, network and keyboard layout icons, I think may be mixed in from the old Ubuntu Mono Dark set, but modified to be of only plain colour, without any shadows.

Folders and symbolic icons here are, of course, the great Yaru icons, but for the rest I propose to stick to the regular gnome icons, without replacing any 3rd application icons either. This is similar to how the icon set was in Unity, and I think it is better overall, than the current Yaru set, as the Gnome icons are quite nice and mix well with other shapes and colours. Additionally some Gnome icons may be combined with the Humanity or Yaru elements, like the sound file and the html link icons here (as they are somewhat lacking as well).

The Launcher here no longer has those squircles for a nicer flat look.

Nemo is pictured here as the main FM, because I think it suits Unity better, having proper menus and other expected functionality. It feels more like an improvement upon what the Nautilus was in 16.04. Besides, it is already being used to draw the desktop icons.

I also added a bit of restyling for the very nice program called Gnome Sushi here, just in case.