Ubuntu Unity ARM Chromebook Port

Hello Rudra Saraswat (@rs2009), I made a port of Ubuntu Unity to the Kukui baseboard line of ARM Chromebooks. I just imaged my creation into a new flashable image. The official website with instructions install this image is located at https://chromebook-unity.github.io. Since only one device is currently tested, I need testers with Mediatek MT8183 Chromebooks. Some feedback from testers would also be awesome and make this port better. The supported devices for the port are listed below.

And also, @rs2009, thank you for inspiring me to port Ubuntu Unity at the young age of 11 :slight_smile:

Note: This image is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

tested systems - working

  • hp chromebook 11a - kappa

untested systems

  • lenovo ideapad duet 10.1 chromebook - krane
  • acer chromebook spin cp311-3h - juniper
  • lenovo ideapad 3 chromebook 14 inch (mt8183 version) - fennel14
  • lenovo ideapad flex 3 chromebook (mt8183 version) - fennel
  • asus chromebook flip cm3 (mt8183 version) - damu
  • asus chromebook cm3 - kakadu
  • acer chromebook 314 (cb314-2h/cb314-2ht) - cozmo
  • acer chromebook 311 - kenzo
  • lenovo 10e chromebook tablet - kodama
  • asus chromebook detachable cz1 - katsu
  • acer chromebook 311 (c722/c722t) - willow
  • asus chromebook cz1 - cerise
  • asus chromebook flip cz1 - stern
  • hp chromebook x360 11mk g3 ee - burnet
  • lenovo 100e chromebook (mt8183 version) - makomo

GREAT work! This is really good.

I’ve poked Rudra so he sees this. Just allow me to say: keep it up! I started in the project at 13, all it takes is persistence. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Rudra saw this and messaged me on another post.

If you have a supported Chromebook, feel free to test this image :slight_smile:

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Hi everybody,
I am releasing Ubuntu 23.10 this week (if everything goes well) and 24.04 when it releases.

I am still looking for testers, so if you have any Kukui baseboard Chromebook please reply.

I will ask hexdump0815 since he does have a few Kukui Chromebooks.

Hi everybody,

Ubuntu Unity Chromebook Edition 23.10 has officially released!

Visit chromebook-unity.github.io for install instructions.

It would be really nice and important too to get Ubuntu’s work great on Chromebooks. I wonder what’s the current situation and experience overall just right now :thinking:

This is amazing!

Downloaded the 23.10 version, put it on an sd-card, booted it on my Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook 3 (fennel14) ( CTRL-U on Login after enabling developer mode and usb boot) and it boots! Quickly checked some details:
Working out of the box: webcam, sound/video playback
glxinfo: hardware accelerated on Mali-G72 - yeah!
Not working: Wifi device doesn’t seem to be found - need to look into that

Anyhow this is encouraging! Thank you for doing this, this is great and just what I have been searching for quite a while now.

Thanks for reporting the wifi issue! I will try my best to look into it. However, wifi is working on my kappa. Can you try the 22.04 version and let me know? If that doesn’t work, delete /etc/resolv.conf with sudo, reboot, and connect to the internet again.

The 22.04 version has Wifi working out of the box and everything else seems fine as well.

On the 23.10 I deleted resolv.conf and rebooted - no change. iwconfig reports no wifi devices, so I assume something is missing in the 23.10 kernel (or modules) that was still there for 22.04.

This is even more encouraging. I will wait for the 24.04 version before replacing ChromeOS on the harddrive - but my hopes to free this little computer are really up now.

Thank you!

I will compare the output of lsmod on both images - maybe that will tell us something about the missing wifi driver on the 23.10 version.

Hi @bruzo,
I have some good news. When I tested the new 24.04 beta release, wifi has somehow fixed itself. If everything related to the 24.04 release goes to plan, expect a new image 1-2 weeks after release.


And also, the kernel will be updated to a newer version. Also, thank hexdump0815 for the kernel and image. I only did the desktop part.

I’ll definitely check it out!