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Hello! I’m just learning about Ubuntu but am a big believer in the open source ethos. It is wonderful to see this community of so many people working to make the world work better. I have wide interests and have experience in research design, psychology, and even art history and contemporary art (I love to learn)! I’ve been most focused recently on developing my technical data analysis skills and want to put all my skills to use to support better decisions and processes for a better world. I would love to contribute in whatever ways would be most useful.

Hello all, I am Chara. I have been studying and working in the Data industry in the last 2 years. I’d be happy to discuss about my experience and help out if anyone is stuck on a data analytics or data science related issue. Cheers, Chara

Hello everyone! my name is Juan Pablo and I am a colombian lawyer, that is right, a colombian lawyer, and even if it sounds weird I am very excited to be here, I just applied to a junior UX Design role at Canonical and I wanted to introduce myself with my future collegues, maybe you are wondering, how a colombian lawyer is applying to a UX Design position, well, I will be happy to explain it.

All has started because I traveled to Italy on 2022 and I felt like I was in home, and I realized that maybe my carreer will not be a good income source due to in every country the laws are different so, maybe i had to repeat all the carreer and that was not a good idea, that is why I started to get curious about Digital marketing and I take advantage of my writing and creativity skills to be a freelance copywriter, and it was a really nice experience, however i had to return to my country and I decided to have a stable source of income and I wanted to be in a place where I can develop in the best way my english, so I started to work in a call center and I improved my english a lot. While I was working I was learning UX Design on a Coursera course because I was intrigued in how I can explore my abilities and I decided that this will be the best area to do it, an in that way I can travel outside Colombia and work around the world, of course the history has more details and I am more than excited to tell my history in following occasions.

Thank you very much for take the time to read a litte bit of my introduction and I wish you a nice day!


My name is Nyangasi Mhozya, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this fantastic Ubuntu community. I bring with me a little over half a decade of experience in the Linux world ans well as Software Development, and I couldn’t be more excited to contribute to such a great project.

Ubuntu holds a special place in my heart as it was my first Linux distribution. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the power of open-source collaboration and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities alike. Now, I’m eager to give back and play my part in contributing to the success and growth of Ubuntu.

I’m looking forward to engaging in insightful discussions, sharing knowledge, and learning from all of you. If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or if there are areas where I can contribute, please feel free to reach out.

Here’s to a vibrant and collaborative journey together!

Hello all :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: It’s painful to adapt esoteric open-source approach to UX writing choices 🥹 Is it open-source hubris? :thinking:

My name is Aneesh Lingala. I am currently 11 years old and started to use & contribute to Linux at 8 years old. I have ported Ubuntu Unity to Mediatek MT8183 ARM Chromebooks. The project page is at Ubuntu Unity ARM Chromebook Port v22.04.

Hi, I’m Simon, recently graduated from university in the US. Really into Linux, especially Ubuntu where I’m playing around with MySQL using a virtual machine. Looking forward to continue learning!

Hi All -
Like many of you, I am very new to Linux and have only been playing around with it for about 3 months. I am a retired Army NCO and am not all that familiar with Linux or computers. I am learning and I try to learn one new thing daily. So far I have Ubuntu v23.10 installed on a MS Surface Pro 8 and on Surface Pro 9 (just bought it a month ago) I installed Ubuntu v22.04. From reading some of the posts here and there, I see lots of talent here and am especially impressed with the 11 year old that just signed up. Never to young to learn! Glad to be here and excited to learn new things about what Ubuntu (and the other flavors) have to offer.

Hi! I really liked my OS class in college but never found an opportunity to develop further in that area. I stumbled across this and hope that it will be an opportunity to contribute.

Hello everyone,

This is my first time here, in the Ubuntu Discourse community, and wanted to introduce myself! I’m currently in the running for a Customer Success gig at Canonical and thought it would be a good idea to connect directly with the community. I’m looking forward to learning from this community. If you have any tips or interesting facts about life in the Ubuntu world, I’d love to hear them. Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi my name is Brent and this is my first time in a Ubuntu community, I just recently graduated with a Bachelors, Computer Engineering major. I was invited to join after applying to a cloud field engineering position with Canonical. I am excited to be here, and excited to learn and get to know different people.


I am Cansu Efe. With a successful university education and diverse experiences in various industries, I believe I can effectively contribute to the role of Junior Product Marketing Manager. I am excited to bring my relevant skills, projects, and experiences to make a meaningful impact on the Canonical team.

Education and Skills: I graduated from Bilkent University and am currently pursuing my education in International Trade and Logistics at Anadolu University. Among my computer skills are tools like Python, Solidworks, LaTeX, Figma, and I have a basic understanding of SQL, SAP, R. I am proficient in Turkish (native), English (full professional proficiency), and have a beginner level of Russian.

Projects and Experiences: Projects such as my research on the environmental impact of geothermal power plants, internships at Norm Fasteners, sustainability projects, and product internships at Netmera have equipped me with diverse experiences. Initiatives like Mega Disinfection and co-founding the Buddyin’ mobile app showcase my leadership abilities.

Activities and Certificates: Participating in social awareness projects during my university years, volunteering for the Turkish Red Crescent, and actively contributing to various clubs demonstrate my ability to work harmoniously within a community. Certificates like Studio Cambridge Sir William Summer School, IELTS, and Arçelik Step Forward Week underline my commitment to continuous learning.

Why Canonical? I am eager to redirect my career towards product marketing in the dynamic and innovative environment that Canonical provides. With a multidisciplinary perspective gained from various projects and leadership experiences, I believe I can develop effective strategies to market Canonical’s products successfully.

This position appears to be an opportunity to contribute with my skill set. I look forward to joining the Canonical team and achieving success together.

Best regards, Cansu Efe

Hi all,
I’ve used Ubuntu for years, as a home desktop and professionally via VMware and WSL, but this is my first foray into this community.
I was happy to find out about Ubuntu One to enable trustworthy auto updates.
I’ve recently applied for a position doing hardware certification, and I’m ready to dig into several topics! A perennial interest for me is NVIDIA configs on my Ryzen 5/ GTX1050 Ti/ Xubuntu setup.
Great to be here!

Hi, my name is Henrique Branco, I’m from Brazil. At the moment my role is machine learning engineer, passionated by Python programming language and a Linux lover.

I enjoy this world of open-source and just started making part of Ubuntu’s community! How can I contribute? Just let me know!

Hello everyone, I hope the day is treating you well!

My name is Colette, and I’ve just applied for an Accounts Recievable role, and thought I ought to come say hi! I’m happy to be here, and I look forward to learning more about the company.

Hi everyone here!

A warm hello from Indonesia, kindly allow me to introduce myself. I’m Arung, although I have been using Ubuntu since 2016 TBH I just found out that this forum exists. I’ve not been so active in askubuntu, because I feel many more people have more capability of answering the questions (although I’ve tried to answer some based on my personal experience). Honestly, I know this forum because I’m currently applying for a position at Canonical.

Would love to know how to get started in this exciting community. I have always been a FOSS enthusiast for many years now. I’m an Ubuntu user myself. I have a big interest in the OS, especially for Ubuntu Touch, but I kinda lost track of its recent progress. Why am I interested so much in Ubuntu Touch? Because I have 2 laptops that have touch screens, and the last time I checked Ubuntu Touch is still available for mobile devices only. Would love to see it available for PCs/Laptops it will bring a new torch to the technology industry I believe.

That’s a brief introduction from me, really appreciate it a lot if someone can help guide me on what’s next to contribute to this community.



My name is Nicholas. I am a graduate student from Iowa, in the U.S., and I’m about to get my Master’s in Computer Science next semester. I have been using Ubuntu since Unity first came out, and I’d love to use the skills I’ve learned to contribute to project. Naturally, I have applied for a position at Canonical, but if I want to contribute and learn no matter what.

I have experience as a back-end developer and as a research assistant (ask me how I made a uav that follows people around!) and I’ve worked with GUIs and Machine learning on top of it, as well as some embedded work. if you would like to see any of my personal projects, although they had to take a back seat to grad school lately.

My hobbies are photography and game design, and I’m learning guitar! I’m also really big into IOT. I have a disability and I have found many IOT devices to be a huge game changer for my quality of life.

Thanks for reading, if there is a good place to get into contributing to Ubuntu, especially something that fits my skillset, let me know!

Hello everyone. My first access to this group. I am a candidate for the Junior UI&UX role. What can we do together in this intriguing and exciting environment and can you help with this role? Thank you very much.


Hi Beril, welcome to the community! I am also new here and I stumbled on this issue as well. I figured that If you scroll down the Introductions category, an hyperlink saying “Start new conversation” will be at the bottom of the list. I hope this helps! Cheers!

Hi everyone :wave: my name is Mohammad, new to the community :grinning:
I just applied yesterday for the role of Web Developer at Canonical.
I’m here to meet with you and contribute/collaborate to open-source forums. Cheers!