Ubuntu Unity 18.04

Bring back Ubuntu 18.04 with Unity desktop enviroment
Why to switch to Classic Ubuntu Unity 18.04:

  1. Significantly faster to respond, react and draw on the screen.
  2. Better, cleaner, nicer, sharper, more professional
  3. Superior ergonomic and workflow layout, and you don’t need any special extensions to make the basics work, like say the show desktop button
  4. Better search bar, HUD and global menu

Technical details
-Based on ubuntu 18.04 LTS Why? Because Ubuntu 20.04 has a lot of dependencies linked to gnome 3, so this consistency would not be possible
-kernel 4.18.20, low use of battery and compatible with older and also new computers
-smallest possible iso (1.49 GB iso)

Download link
Updated to v3.0

Recent bug fix
-all preinstalled software not necessary was removed
-fixed language default (there were some italians words in the live ISO, now all is in english.)
-fixed unity-tweaks-tool startup
-fixed the crash in settings app when selecting “desktop sharing”
-fixed the “password request bug” of the live user when installing

GPLv3 software, feel free to modify and redistribute this iso with the forum

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I tested it recently on virtual machine. Here’s my impression so far.

Firefox, Thunderbird, global menu working well. KDE Connect, Google Chrome, installed by the default.

Note : I restore the launcher_bfb to the original one.

However I found few problem.

Can be fixed by running Language Support from the Unity dash.

Unity Tweak Tool
Doesn’t run out of the box. Have to install notify-osd package.

Repetitive Title

As expexted. Add these line to gtk.css will make it looks better.

headerbar {
	margin-top: -100px;
	border-bottom-width: 0;
headerbar:backdrop {
headerbar button,
headerbar spinbutton,
headerbar entry,
headerbar separator {
	margin-top: 103px;
	margin-bottom: 3px;

Source https://github.com/PCMan/gtk3-nocsd/issues/19

Ambiance need more love
Selected tabs on nautilus, system monitor looks weird.

Firefox and Thunderbird toolbar background also need imrprovements.

New Document in Nautilus
No create a new document in Nautilus context menu (because of GNOME thing of course).

touch ~/Templates/"Untitled Document"

Simply run the following to bring that menu back.

Overall I like your work. Well done bro!.


Thanks for the feedback.

A fix for automatic rotation in all-in-one tablets like my HP pavilion x360 is a script like this one, you can start it automatically at boot:


monitor-sensor >> sensor.log 2>&1 &

while inotifywait -e modify sensor.log; do
ORIENTATION=$(tail -n 1 sensor.log | grep ‘orientation’ | grep -oE ‘[^ ]+$’)
case “$ORIENTATION” in
xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate normal && gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left ;;
xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate inverted && gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Left ;;
xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate right && gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom ;;
xrandr --output eDP-1 --rotate left && gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom ;;

Ciao Fernando, non ho capito cosa vuoi fare… una distro basata su ubuntu e unity? Non hai visto il progetto Ubuntu Unity Remix? Potremmo unire le forze… se non è questa la tua idea in cosa differisce?

Ubuntu unity remix è basata su ubuntu 20.04 appena nata, questa sulla LTS precedente.
Ubuntu unity remix nelle ultime versioni integra il tema di default yaru con un pacchetto icone modificato, questa invece ambiance.
Diciamo che questa è come la vorrei io “Ubuntu unity remix”, un sistema stabile che non introduce quasi nessun cambiamento ed al contempo non necessita di nessuna manutenzione lato sviluppatore e lato utente.
Ho già parlato con il gestore del progetto unity remix ma la decisione è quella di modernizzare unity, come da richiesta “popolare”. Così questa è la mia proposta per unity, scaricabile e installabile da chiunque, che poi è quella che uso sul mio computer principale.

Capisco l’intento ed è vero che questo è un progetto ancora giovane, che poggia sulla nuova LTS e dunque non è ancora stabile come la 18.04, tuttavia Rudra sta facendo delle scelte che sono quasi obbligate: il vecchio Unity utilizzava applicazioni gnome che sono state modificate nel tempo e se le vuoi usare con Unity devi fare degli adattamenti. Anche nella 18.04 c’erano i problemi che rudra sta risolvendo. Il resto sono temi ed icone, e quello classici sono comunque preinstallati…

Grazie per il feedback

Proposing: the better of the two worlds:
-Ambiance theme with some Adwaita theme from gnome3 to make a sort of light ambiance
Tell me what you think about

Personally, I prefer Ambiance over Adwaita nor Radiance. If you have a plans to rebuild the ISO, I hope you prioritize fixing the language issue (I mean English out of the box). Thanks for awesome work! :metal:

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Language bug will be fixed in the next update :+1:

fixed default language & unity tweak tool

Thank you. You’re rock!
I realize there’s no indicator message. How to get that icon back?.

I think that your project should ship with the classic Unity desktop, using the classic Unity look we were used in the past. Ubuntu Unity Remix (20.04) will ship with a bunch of new things, like a new theme and new icons, but if I understand your goal, what you really stand for is a rock solid experience with all the features Unity was known for in the past. Therefore I think that classic ubuntu icons, colors and theme would be a better fit for this nostalgic yet awesome project!

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sudo apt-get install indicator-messages

and reboot

Thanks Netscape !!!

Thanks!. Nice to see that indicator again.
Ok… I finally found Ambeyen, a modded theme based on Ambiance. Not perfect, but much better than the default one. https://gitlab.com/bandot/ambeyen-bionic

Anyway, one more bug. Workspace switcher (Super+S) doesn’t work after the option is turned on from Unity Tweak Tool. My bad, it works. Just head to Unity Control Center > Behavior > Enable workspaces


@fernandomorea sei interessato ad un logo per la tua distro? Fammi sapere. Avevo disegnato una proposta di logo per ubuntu unity remix, ma la community ne ha preferito un altro. Fammi sapere se sei interessato!

Awesome! How did you obtained that globalmenu with firefox?

No additional action need. It works out of the box.

Looks really good, thanks for continuing feedbacks. I have no free time right now but I think that this could be the default theme to keep the classical unity style.

If you are able to generate a .iso of your current installation you can share it, as fully open source project I can update the link in the first message.
To generate the iso I used pinguy builder: https://pinguyos.com/2015/09/pinguy-builder-an-app-to-backupremix-buntu/
Right now this iso is based on Unity7SL ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/unity7sl/ )that was one of the first developer preview of ubuntu 18.04 that was shipped with unity