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About Ubuntu Sweden

The principal resource for the Ubuntu presence in Sweden is the phpBB forum at ubuntu-se.org. The forum includes news about Ubuntu, Linux etc., and it’s also used to provide technical support in Swedish.

Translations into Swedish is mostly handled by a team whose members translate FOSS into Swedish, i.e. not just Ubuntu. But there is also a team for Ubuntu specifically.

Team Leadership

Joakim Walldén (moderator of the forum)

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

Team Communications

The forum is the recommended point of contact if you want to get in touch with other Ubuntu users in Sweden.

Additional Team Resources

While a mailing list and the IRC channel #ubuntu-se exist, there is not much activity there ATM. Use the forum for a good chance to get a response in due time.


I was trying to use the “Become member” button at the phpBB forum, but it just produces a blank white page. @gunnarhj

Can you help me to become a member?

I’m facing the same issue.

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@erik-lonroth, @daggr: Thanks for letting me know about the issue with registering as a new forum member. I passed it on to the mailing list.


Thanx @gunnarhj - it would be great to know where the Ubuntu folks are all active in sweden nowadays.

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@daggr @gunnarhj any progress on this?

I still get a 500 error when trying to register.

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@gunnarhj is the forum maintainer on discourse? It might be interesting to have a discussion here about communication platforms for the Swedish LoCo.

The mailinglist seems to be quite quiet and from a short look at the forum, there are only a few people active and a lot of active threads seem to be semi-automated links to news articles.

In some sense, having a forum where new people can’t sign up, is worse than having no forum.

Without a forum, people would naturally start to organize and find a solution to communicate. However, with an inaccessible forum, people will try to sign up, give up, and go do other things. So you’re losing very enthusiastic people that might otherwise become community organizers.

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I agree this is a bad situation. Probably the issue with not being able to sign up happened recently when the forum was moved to a new server.

The forum maintainer is @johanre. I have tried to reach him in different ways, but no success yet.


Ping: @daggr, @erik-lonroth, @merlijn-sebrechts

I just talked with @johanre, and unfortunately there are health reasons for his relative absence recently.

The good news is that he provided a workaround for creating a new account in the phpBB forum:

  • Click the “Bli medlem” link
  • Switch Language from “Svenska” to “Brittisk engelska”
  • Click the “I agree to these terms” button

I.e. it works if you create the account using English instead of Swedish.


Thank you, that worked!
I’m just awaiting account approval.


apologies for the delayed response. As Gunnar wrote, I haven’t been well - I’ll bounce back, just some work-related stress… Anyway; I’ve been quietly admin:ing the ubuntu-se.org server since…~2007?. Happy to answer any questions you might have on that subject. By the way, I’m new to discourse, so apologies for any unintended faux-pas’… :slight_smile:


@johanre No worries m8! I’ll also try hop on the forum. Any chance we can meet all of us so we can learn about the forum and the history about it? I hope to be able to revive it some and talked with @daggr about it last week. @gunnarhj would be invited of course.

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Sure, happy to chat! Would Wednesday the 29th or Thursday the 30th work? Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, etc - whatever floats your boat.

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I’m all game for the 29:th - should we make a group call with @gunnarhj and @daggr if they can join too? Lets say 10:00 AM?

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That might work. Let’s use Jitsi :slight_smile:

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I have made a note of November 29 at 10:00. Hopefully @joakim-wallden is able to join too.

Whatever, as long as somebody provides detailed instructions. :wink:

I’m adding it to my calendar!

Will you be able to create a meeting and publish it here @daggr ?

Wednesday the 29th at 10:00 AM (CET / GMT+1) is booked in my calendar

Yepp, I’ll post a link here tomorrow.

You can install it on your desktop https://desktop.jitsi.org/ or phone/web https://meet.jit.si/.