Ubuntu Server tutorials

We hope our tutorials make as few assumptions as possible and are broadly accessible to anyone with an interest in Ubuntu Server. They should also be a good place to start learning about Ubuntu Server in general, how it works, and what it’s capable of.

In our basic installation tutorial you will learn how to set up an Ubuntu Server; from installing using a bootable USB device, to navigating the Server installer menu.

Getting started
Basic installation

The Ubuntu installer has its own documentation. For more guidance on installing Ubuntu Server with the installer, you can also see these guides in the Ubuntu installer documentation (note: these pages will redirect you).

Once your Ubuntu Server is up and running, you may be interested in this collection of related tutorials and topics that will help you learn more about how it works and what’s available to you. These pages can be viewed in any order.

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with Ubuntu Server, take a look at our How-to guides. These have more in-depth detail and can be applied to a broader set of applications.

Take a look at our Reference section when you need to determine what commands are available, and how to interact with various tools.

Finally, for a better understanding of how Ubuntu Server works and how it can be used and configured, our Explanation section enables you to expand your knowledge of the operating system and additional software.

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The two links are dead,

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Thanks for bringing that to our attention - it looks like they were missing redirects so I’ve updated them now :slight_smile:

I’ve made a couple of simple edits to change ‘Core tutorial’ to ‘Getting started tutorial’ as a) that seems to be what it’s intended to be and b) when I first saw this I was confused thinking that it was a tutorial to install Ubuntu Core, which is different from Ubuntu Server.

What’s not clear to me is how to update the left sidebar to reflect the same?

That’s a good point. “Core tutorial” is being used across multiple product docs to represent what the “main” tutorial is for any given product, but I see what you mean, it definitely gives rise to potential confusion with Ubuntu Core.

Although “Getting started tutorial” might work in this specific case, it’s not ideal and I will need to change that as well - since it doesn’t work for every product where “getting started” might be under “how-to” and therefore not be the initial starting point of a tutorial. We need to find an alternative to “core” that represents the same concept that can be used irrespective of the product. Thanks for raising it though, I’ll change “core” to something else in the meantime.

Thank you @sally-makin!

I did poke around a little to look for other usage, sorry if I made an interim mess. I’m a newbie to this docs system and was actually expecting it to be treated as a PR with review.

No need to apologise :slight_smile: it’s not always straightforward/obvious to know which bits connect to where - I’d be happy to give you a demo if you would like one (it’s not always easy to explain via text). The point you raised has triggered a very lively discussion, so we appreciate you bringing it up!