Ubuntu Server 20.04 fails with subiquity errors

I have an Ubuntu Server 20.04.1 iso image on a usb. When I install this on my pc (intel) I get past the User setup page and then the Installer says it has encountered an error. When looking at the log I see a lot of subiquity errors

This install has been successful in the past and the way this worked, was that I disabled all network interfaces. That trick seems to no longer work. Even when I connect an ethernet to a network that has a DHCP server, an IP is found and set for the interface, but it will not connect to anything outside the company due to a proxy is not set, and I cannot set one for this PC. There is an option to continue the install without updating, and I select that.

Has anyone seen subiquity errors during an install?

I hadto find a Legacy 20.04.1 iso image which has a different Installer interface that worked. It may not have subiquity, but I cannot tell. This one still needed a network and I set one as above and skipped any updates, and this install works!!


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