Ubuntu Quality - Communications and Testing Practices

Hey folks,

Ubuntu 24.04 Testing Week has just concluded, and as part of that I’ve been wondering where conversations around quality happen. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • We have a Telegram group Ubuntu Testers, which is bridged to the IRC #ubuntu-quality channel
  • We have a new room on Matrix #releasetesting:ubuntu.com, which will likely be bridged to Telegram as well
  • We have a Quality - Ubuntu Community Hub category on discourse
  • We have a mailing list at Ubuntu-quality Info Page
  • We have some general information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam which in part is out of date
  • There are some other channels for more automated messages and bots

I want to find out which conversations are happening where and when, so that we can focus all of these channels to the size of our testing community and grow it from there. When communities are smaller, having less channels can be more.

My observations:

  • It seems to me that Ubuntu Testers is mainly used during testing week, and there are not many conversations outside of that period. The occasional message in between may be met with a comment that the channel is for release testing, and that people should file a bug instead.
  • In light of our move to Matrix and to honor the history, I’d propose to rename #releasetesting:ubuntu.com to #quality:ubuntu.com, and bridge Matrix to Telegram
  • The Quality - Ubuntu Community Hub category doesn’t have a lot of messages, but I think it is important to have one async channel and one synchronous channel. The mailing list also does not have many messages, so I’d consider it useful to consolidate the two.

I’d love to hear from others, what types of conversations do you think would be appropriate in the realm of Ubuntu Quality and where should they be held? What are activities we can do in between releases to improve quality and prepare for the releases when they occur? Do you have any other ideas on growing our army of testers?