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Hi all,

I am wondering; we recently ordered an Ubuntu Pro license for 4 machines.
Those 4 machines are physical VMWare nodes, located in 2 seperate datacenters.

On those nodes, we are scheduling that Ubuntu VMs are scheduled on those hardware machines but how do use the license ?
I cannot configure that on the VMWare host itself but when I use the license/token on a Ubuntu guest it will count as 1 machine but that aint correct because I want to license a physical VM and not a guest VM.

please help


I have something curious that I would like to get answer, say everything works fine, but I don’t have Ubuntu Pro, however, when in software and updater (I’m using 22.04.03 Lts), I hit update, I get this:

As you can see in the image, are the ESM-apps, Ubuntu Pro, that I know I do not have any installed, unless it is ffmpeg (Which I have is named Chromium-ffmpeg and is a SNAP).

The question, is that it jumps me for 4 days, and although the updates come out and are updated, never gives me the message that your system is updated, because it considers pending ESM-apps, which I find curious because I do not have any of them that I know, and if already in the Faq, that if you match any can jump this message, but in all these years, I had never jumped the one that you have esm-apps to update.

If I do the update by terminal, no problem I do not jump, just tells me the message that if I want such esm-apps, I enroll in Ubuntu Pro, so I find it curious, that GUI format, ie Software and updater (Software Update), I jump directly that are to install, and not the message inscribite, if you want them.

I know it is not a technical forum, but some idea, so you can ask in the same.

Thank you for your time, best regards.

hi @mattdrogers you can feel confident to upgrade to ubuntu pro on your 18.04 server. you will remain on 18.04 with an access to esm ppa which includes packages with backported security patches.

hi @mickjongejan you would have to attach each of the VMs on your VMWare hosts. The pro client would know that you are attaching VMs and you can attach unlimited VMs on your 4 Ubuntu Pro covered host machines.

thanks for reaching out @adb2345 looks some packages you have installed have dependencies coming from the Universe repository. Those Universe packages have pending security updates available with Ubuntu Pro. Running pro security-status in the terminal would tell you how many packages you have installed from each repository. And if you want the list of packages installed from the Universe repository, please run pro security-status --esm-apps. if you have more questions please paste the output you get from running these commands. hope it helps!

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@ame1321 I can confirm this is indeed a bug on the Pro client. We shouldn’t be evaluating LSNs when fixing a CVE. The fix for this issue will be delivered in the next version of Pro, which will likely be out in February 2024

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Thank you for responding lech:

I leave capture of the results of the commands you indicated me. However, the problem is that although I have an Ubuntu One account, I have never subscribed to Ubuntu Pro. I do have the Ubuntu advantage Tools package installed (I think it is called that). What I don’t understand is why it says to install Ubuntu Pro packages, when as far as I know I don’t have any of them. I hope that with the images that I pass you, you can clarify me something, since I do not understand much of the matter. If it is true that I have installed some packages, when I do sudo apt update and then apt list upgradable, I get packages held (Now I have none), and if I have installed any of them.

I don’t know what you could tell me. Because the funny thing is that today I actuliazo the kernel (Linux headers etc) and the normal thing is to have to restart the pc, and then self-remove the old ones, but today has done both, but did not ask me to restart the pc, just as it considers the esm apps, pending, below did not put reboot system or remember then, did not put anything. I just in case I reboot the pc, because I know that to avoid reboots in updates, you need the livepatch, but I do not have it (See attached image).

I hope that with the screenshots you can give me some advice.



Captura desde 2023-12-13 17-35-53
Captura desde 2023-12-13 17-36-16

It does not say anywhere that you need to install them, but it tells you that packages you have installed have open security issues that you could fix by updating to the versions provided via esm/pro for free … you are indeed free to ignore them, but it would be odd (and irresponsible from us IMHO) if we did not tell you that your system is vulnerable to unfixed security issues…

Thanks for this information, it’s very helpful. We’ve been using Ubuntu server for several LTS releases, just working on migrating to version 22.04LTS.

Can you clarify if we will get patches, especially security updates, without Ubuntu Pro, for packages like apache2, tomcat (9, I think), mysql, Open JRE/JDK, specifically? Some of what I read suggests that we will, for anything that we install using apt install from standard repositories. I’m still unclear about what packages are from main vs. universe, vs. others, and what we can only get updates for with Ubuntu Pro subscription.


See 4 posts above yours, Lech gave the exact commands you need to run to find this out…

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Howdy, So I wanted to ask a question and if it was asked below I apologize; If I wanted to buy Ubuntu Pro licenses right now via the website in order to license ‘Unlimited VM’s’ on an ESXI/vSphere hypervisor… which is supported. Which license would I buy? Second, but just as important, How would I license those hosted vm’s?

The process by which a person can license the underlying virtual machines, on one of the supported hypervisor hosts must be a guarded secret because I cannot find a single definitive thing anywhere.


hi @benh

You can get the number of licenses corresponding to the number of physical hosts you have. You then get access to the Ubuntu Pro portal where you obtain your Ubuntu Pro token. You can then attach all the VMs on your hosts using a token provided.

Livepatch latest kernel support is for
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit x86 6.5 (HWE)

I am using
Ubuntu Noble Numbat (development branch) Linux 6.8.0-11-generic

When will 24.04 LTS get Livepatch support?

Most likely when it turns into an actual LTS with its .1 release…

But also surely not before the actual release date.

Thank you Lech! One more if I may, if I have 10 vsphere hosts running say like 200 ubuntu vm’s of compatible versions. Then the 10 physical licenses cover all of those?
I encountered an issue recently where we purchased what I thought was 10 vmhost/physical licenses which actually turned out to be 10 individual vm licenses. It’s a very long and drawn out ordeal. Suffice to say the waters being so murky with what exactly to buy and then exactly how to employ licenses to cover my situation. I felt it best to shotgun the question out (so to speak).

Is there any documentation and information how Ubuntu Pro works with selfhosted Landscape server? We have both servers that have internet access and those that does not. Our goal is to have our selfhosted landscape server to handle all the ubuntu repos, pro repos and the pro licens reporting, so we dont need any proxy/internet access for the servers, only access to our selfhosted landscape server that have internet access, is this a possible senario?

what if I need to enable Ubuntu Pro on multiple VMs with Ubuntu Server on an IaaS environment (VMware based, but not a Public Cloud) where I don’t have any control on the nodes (and there are a lot)?

I cannot for sure buy a node license for each node managed by my cloud provider…
And I only have visibility of my VMs and I cannot specify any rule to bind those VMs to a bunch of specific nodes.

Is it possible to buy licenses per single VMs?