Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview 2

Work in progressing on Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview. We now have a second build in the Store. :tada:

What is Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview? Here is some background.

To try it, grab it from the Microsoft Store.

If you already have Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview installed you should check for updates in the Microsoft Store to grab the latest image and then ‘Reset’ your existing Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview in App Settings (via Windows Settings or by right-clicking on Start Menu entry) to unpack the new build over your old one and experience the refined out-of-box experience (OOBE). WARNING: This will destroy any data you have stored in your current Windows Community Preview install. Please copy any important data out to /mnt/c… or back it up with wsl.exe --export first in case you need it later.


Changelog for Community Preview build 2:

  • Tile and icons updated for the Start Menu redesign:

image image



  • ubuntu-wsl-oobe: Fixed a visual bug related to the legacy Windows console
  • ubuntu-wsl-oobe: Color palette fix
  • ubuntu-wsl-oobe: Advanced options now optional behind a specific check box:

  • ubuntu-wsl-oobe: Includes mention of the ubuntuwsl utility
  • ubuntu-wsl-integration: Working text-based UI (ubuntuwsl tui):

Hint: It has mouse support too!

  • ubuntu-wsl-integration: Early import & export of settings feature
  • ubuntu-wsl-integration: Config header no longer case-sensitive.

Additional Notes

This is the last Ubuntu Community Preview we expect to be based on Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. We anticipate the next build to be based on pre-release builds of Hirsute Hippo, which will become Ubuntu 21.04, and will include new Mesa 21 libraries. This is tentatively slated for later in February/March.

We hope to backport the new tile/icon design and OOBE to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS after one or two more community build releases, but your testing and feedback is key.

As always, please report any bugs or other feedback to us on Launchpad.

Thank you to the WSL community.