Ubuntu HPC Meeting Notes: 2024/3/20

Meeting participants

@nuccitheboss, @ilvipero, @arif-ali, @jamesbeedy, Chase Schuette

SCaLE 21x

  • Discussed how UbuCon @ SCaLE 21x went for the HPC community.
    • Generally, we were pretty well received. Both HPC talks - Accelerate your time to science with Ubuntu and Open OnDemand and Deploy a converged supercomputer in an hour (a thirty minutes!) - were well attended and there was a lot of audience interest in both topics.
    • All Ubuntu HPC stickers we made were gone within an hour.
    • Interviewed by the AskNoahShow to discuss ongoing efforts around HPC x Ubuntu and how the community is working to make Ubuntu better for supercomputing.
    • Frequent questions at the booth included ongoing HPC efforts within the community and our project Charmed HPC.
    • Folks are excited to start using Charmed HPC and are eager for a beta.
    • Received several requests to start publishing online content around Ubuntu x HPC and take people through the workshops that we have developed.

24.10 planning

  • Beginning to start planning for the 24.10 cycle. Setting up separate meetings with various stakeholders to discuss envisioned plans.

Cloud clustering

  • Brief discussion around supporting federated HPC deployments in Charmed HPC. Setting up separate meeting to spike directly on this topic.

Ubuntu Summit planning

  • Starting to make plans for the 2024 Ubuntu Summit and how we can best present the HPC community at the summit. Brief discussion about the various submissions that we want to do this year. Ideally a talk and a workshop.

HPC workshop

  • Starting to discuss putting together an “end-to-end” workshop for training AI models on Charmed HPC systems using containerised workloads. How to get from deploying your own Charmed HPC cloud to successfully training a model on a data set.

Updating HPC community call time & calendar integration

  • Moving the HPC community call time from 15:30 UTC to 16:30 UTC due to daylight savings time. Event is now going to be loaded into the Ubuntu Discourse’s Events plugin so that community members can see the time and add it to their own personal calendars using an .ics file.

Getting Involved

The next Ubuntu HPC community is next Wednesday, March 27th, at 16:30 UTC over Jitsi. Want to get involved or just generally interested in our community? Join our Matrix server!