Ubuntu-Frame - How do you disable the touch screen interface?

@alan_g Are there some hidden configs to disable the touch screen / mouse when using ubuntu-frame? I have a touch screen snap I created that I need to make view only so users can not interact with the UI elements on the screen.

@cluemaster you could disable the input platform, that’d be the easiest way to disable input altogether:

# with 2.15
$ snap set ubuntu-frame config="platform-input-lib=/snap/ubuntu-frame/current/usr/lib/*/mir/server-platform/input-stub.so.8"

# with 2.16
$ snap set ubuntu-frame config="platform-input-lib=mir:stub-input"

I realize we don’t currently package the stub input platform, but that would be a simple change.

If you only need to disable the touch panel, and not other input, we’re working on input configuration right now, which should make this doable. In the mean time, you could quirk it off in udev rules, for example?

It isn’t hidden: Just a configuration option enable-input=false.


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@alan_g you are the best!! That worked and so easy to use.

Now I’m thinking of how would I build in code so I can remotely control that from my snap application. I would assume I need to build something to talk tot eh snapd API and be able to send it commands + have connection permissions from my snap to snapd and get approved in the app store. Thoughts?

@cluemaster correct, you’d need to connect the snapd-control interface. It’s super-privileged, though, and I don’t think is the right long-term solution here.

I’ve filed #166 to continue this thread.

For your use case, though… you’re in control of the application, couldn’t you code this behaviour in your app?

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