How do I change Frame's display settings remotely


I have the exact requirements. I want to be able to control the ubuntu-frame configuration remotely. For example, display orientation.

It is handy to change the display orientation and resolution via an app remotely.

Is snapd-control interface restricted to branded store only.

How can I configure the ubuntu-frame with out ssh into the device? Is it possible?

Hi @zhex900,

I split out this to a separate topic.

The plan of record is to expose the .display-layout file over a content interface, but not the whole display or full configuration, as that can easily lead to something going wrong without you knowing about it.

There’s some infrastructure that we need to put in place first (finding files in different locations).

Would that be enough for you? You could preconfigure the layouts in the gadget and then choose between them via other means? If not, can you describe your use case in more detail?

Hi zhex900

I guess it’s hard to do!
Could you perhaps implement a webservice to listen for change.
As I remember snapd-control, could you perhaps combine it with AWS / Azure IOT?
Best regards
Christian Bile