Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba (AMA) - May 28, 2021 @ 5PM UTC

What is the Ubuntu Desktop Team Indaba? Indaba is a South African term for “a conference or consultation between people”. This will be a live stream event, featuring members of the Ubuntu Desktop Team and members of the community. To get a feel for what to expect, you can review the last Indaba event on YouTube.

To keep up a consistent cadence of these Indabas, we’ve decided to have them the last Friday of the month, every month. (The actual time of day may change a bit as we work out scheduling kinks that may arise).

When: 2021-05-28T17:00:00Z
Where: UbuntuOnAir - YouTube
Where: UbuntuOnAir - Twitch

  • Ken VanDine
  • Monica Ayhens-Madon
  • James Henstridge
  • Heather Ellsworth
  • Daniel Llewellyn is our special guest from Snapcrafters

We will be streaming to both YouTube and twitch but the live chat in YouTube is where attendees can join the discussion. You are also welcome to ask your questions on this thread in advance and we’ll do our best to answer them on air :slightly_smiling_face:


It says 5-6pm UTC here, but on YouTube it says 16:00 BST (which is 15:00 UTC).


Whoopsies, got my time zones the wrong way around, all sorted.

checks other scheduled streams

Do you think it is worth posting a list of the questions addressed in each indaba, to mitigate against questions being repeated or are you inclined to answer the question again with a different panel?
Best regards

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We were just discussing this, and we will find an accessible site to link questions that have already been asked and hopefully a short description of their answers!

Why not use the insert time functionality instead to get 2021-05-28T17:00:00Z2021-05-28T18:00:00Z

Or type it in if you recall how to :slight_smile:

[date=2021-05-28 time=17:00:00 timezone="UTC"] → [date=2021-05-28 time=18:00:00 timezone="UTC"]
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I forgot to mention the benefit, no one needs to do timezone conversions :smiley:

Fabulous! Thank you for pointing out this feature. I’ve updated the description accordingly :slight_smile:




:stuck_out_tongue: just kidding. looking forward to it.


Won’t be able to attend live as we are having a https://www.gnome.org/ hackathon at https://foss-north.se/2021/ then but will watch the Youtube recording later

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It will be just wonderful to have you :smiley:

Hmmm. I’m not seeing this announcement out on Planet Ubuntu.

That would draw greater visibility.

I have 2 questions:

Could GUI Flatpak support be shipped by default alongside Snap? This could benefit Steam which ships as Flatpak but not Snap. If not possible, is it due to the extra work and/or not wanting two app stores?

Are there plans to move the Ubuntu community chat to Matrix? Fedora is currently moving to Matrix (with bridges to IRC). Mozilla and KDE have already moved to Matrix.

Thanks @vchernin for your questions. We’ll make sure to answer them tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi people, I have a question too:

I know Ubuntu chose to stick with GNOME 3.38 this cycle, but could you provide a “safe” PPA for those wanting to install and use a vanilla GNOME 40 session instead?


I am more than happy to answer repeat questions. It will be difficult to really weed out repeats and actually the repeat questions quite interesting. It’s an indicator of topics with wider interest, which is great to understand. Also, the audience will vary from month to month, and a live answer is much more interesting than reading it FAQ style.


Seemed like a successful and enjoyable indaba.

Terrific teamwork keeping the meeting going without anybody getting overwhelmed by the many platforms.

Good selection of a variety of questions.

I particularly like the follow-ups on how interested community volunteers can get involved. I think we need more of that.

I suggest a brief summary for the Planet, the Fridge, the YouTube description, etc : “We talked about X, Y, Z. Our community guest was PERSON who showed how you can do Y. You can see the stream at URL. Join us next time at DATE. Continue the conversation at URL.”

If any discussion inspires a participant to create blog post (Example: “How to roll your own Ubuntu Core Desktop”), an exchange of links with the inspiring Indaba can be super useful. Over in AskUbuntu and UbuntuForums, the ability to direct folks to an authoritative link (like the Indaba URL or blog URL) when similar questions occur makes querants happy…and those summaries and links make the Indabas searchable so we can provide those kinds of answers


Watching it now as i did not have time yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKCfIXlHXw4

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I love all of these ideas.