UbuntuOnAir restart

The UbuntuOnAir YouTube channel has a bit of history sitting in it. There’s things like episodes of ‘Ubuntu Hour’, ‘Test Day’ streams, and recordings of ‘Docs days’ from years ago. And I think they’re still great.

@madhens and I are looking to restart it, and modernise it, by streaming again to YouTube, and to Twitch. It starts with a bang this week when we host some community team office hours, and on Friday with the next Desktop team indaba.

In the spirit of ‘release early and release often’, while there’s not much there right now, we wanted to get the word out. I wrote a blog post about the what and the why over on my new personal blog, and whether you read that or not, what do you think? What would you stream about?


Are you generally calling for drive-by topic ideas that will be developed by “somebody else”?

Or are you more specifically calling for community members to volunteer to lead streams. and the topics that volunteer feels confident leading?

Your blog post suggests the goal should be heading toward the latter (kudos on that goal!), but where do you want to be at this week? Would you prefer this thread to be narrow focus or wide open?


Ideas for future streams, what kind of things would you be interested in doing yourself? Or would be interested in watching that was developed by ‘somebody else’?

No call for streamers just yet, though if people want to show their interest we can put their names down and reach out when we’re ready. We want to head that way and would love to see this turn into something wonderfully community-centric, but this week, I want to get an idea for the kind of thing people would be interested in down the road.

We’re asking people to spend their valuable time chatting in, watching, or listening to streams, I’d like to know what kind of streams they might want to see. :blush:


Idea: The Ubuntu Film Festival

Lots of community-made Ubuntu instructional videos are sitting on YouTube. Some are great, some are…um…less great. This stream offers a cross-section of them, with a brief panel discussion.


  1. Wider exposure of the existing community video/YouTube uploads and recognize the contributing community members.
  2. Share best practices. Improve the quality of the next generation of uploads.
  3. Recognize that pre-recorded contribution is valid contribution. Not everybody is comfortable participating in a live-stream format.
  4. Encourage new contributors to try it.


  • Can be scheduled or recurring (annual/semi-annual)
  • Potential for wide variety of panel members and fresh faces.
  • Video suggestions and post-stream discussion can be a Discourse thread.
  • Discussion about best qualities/characteristics of each video. Positive and encouraging.
  • Not a contest. Everyone’s a winner.
  • Opportunities for non-technical involvement and contribution