Ubuntu Cinnamon Wallpapers

Hello everyone,

The Ubuntu Cinnamon remix is close to getting its feature freeze-well in real words, it is doing its final packages for a 19.10 release (a late one)

We need wallpapers and although one will do, if you guys have pictures or whatever that you just happen to take or didn’t get into the Ubuntu wallpapers (which will come installed with the remix), post it below with a title for the image and we will implement it in with your name credit.

We will barely post updates here. For best updates follow us on twitter @ubuntucinnamon or join our Telegram t.me/ubuntucinnamon .

-ItzSwirlz (Joshua Peisach), Project Lead


Cant wait to see some of the great artwork that the community will propose!

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Santorini Bliss
Santorini Bliss



You have until 8 PM EST to submit wallpapers for version 0.1.