Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Testing

The Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur Beta has just landed and it’s packed full of exciting new features and major improvements! Take it for a test drive today and help us stomp out any remaining bugs.

Getting Started

Start by simply downloading the Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Image, install it on your machine (physical or virtual), perform the variety of test cases found on the ISO tracker and report your results. If you experience any bugs along the way, consider submitting a bug report with your findings .

New Features to Test


Ubuntu 23.10 is powered by the recently released GNOME 45 desktop environment. Version 45, code-named Rīga, introduces a new dynamic Activities indicator, enhanced search capabilities, a more refined file manager, a polished Settings tool, and a host of improvements and fixes. To see all the new bells and whistles, check out the GNOME 45 release announcement.

Ubuntu Installer improvements

The new Ubuntu installer, first showcased in Ubuntu 23.04, has received a number of new features and improvements including:

  • A new Default Installation that installs a core set of utilities to quickly get your system up and running along with an Expanded Installation option for a more full featured desktop experience.
  • The ability to install Ubuntu on the ZFS filesystem has been added into the new installer.
  • Ubuntu 23.10 is the first release to offer TPM-backed full disk encryption. To learn more about this technology, please visit this announcement article.

The brand new Ubuntu App Center

Ubuntu 23.10 is the first release to ship with the all new Ubuntu App Center. The new flutter-based store makes it easier than ever to install new software, test out different software builds or experimental versions, and manage all your apps and Snaps.

Spice up your testing

Ubuntu Flavours are an important part of our ecosystem and also rely on community testers to ensure their releases are stable and ready for general use. While their testing process is typically very similar to Ubuntu, it’s important to follow their community’s additional testing guidance.

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Connect with Fellow Testers

Join in the testing conversations over on the #ubuntu-quality and #ubuntu-testing IRC channels, The Ubuntu Testers Telegram group , or on the #testing-cycles channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server.

Expand Your Testing Toolkit

Testing is a fun and vitally important way to contribute to the Ubuntu Community.
Learn more about contributing via QA and Testing

For new tester support and additional QA information, please check out our various learning resources:
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The page: https://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/23.10/beta/ contains ISOs for legacy, server, ARM… but not for AMD.
The page: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/448/builds/287095/testcases contains testcases only for canary. should I use the testcase for canary and put my test result here?

Upgraded my laptop 23.04 to 23.10 and fonts broke during the upgrade
Seems fine after the reboot

Firefox doesn’t work after the upgrade. It disappeared during the upgrade as you can see in the screenshots.
snap list shows firefox stable is installed, trying to run the command firefox says Command '/usr/bin/firefox' requires the firefox snap to be installed. Please install it with: snap install firefox

Running snap install firefox outputs snap "firefox" is already installed, see 'snap help refresh'

The Steam snap (installed before the upgrade) still works after the upgrade


In the welcoming app, it suggests to open the “Ubuntu Software Something” instead of the new name, “App Center”.

Thanks! The Ubuntu Software name reference in the welcome app was reported and is being handled at https://launchpad.net/bugs/2036981


The font issue for upgrades is being tracked at https://launchpad.net/bugs/2034986

Please file a bug for Firefox not working after the ugprade.


Trying to file a bug on Firefox just tells me: The problem cannot be reported and to contact Mozilla since they provide the snap

Hope reporting here is okay

Also I don’t have App Center, I still have the old Ubuntu Software

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That’s because the snap channels aren’t correctly being switched from latest/stable/ubuntu-23.04 to latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 . The issue is being tracked at https://launchpad.net/bugs/2036765

I think early upgraders like you will need to manually change the default snaps to the correct track.

snap refresh --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 firefox
snap refresh --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 gnome-42-2204
snap refresh --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 gtk-common-themes
snap refresh --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 snap-store
snap refresh --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 snapd-desktop-integration

If you don’t have the new Firmware Updater app, you can also install it with

snap install --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 firmware-updater

Thanks, do you think there’s any reason to not refresh it manually so I can test any automated fix? or would there be no automatic fix for me since I might be past the step where the fix would be made?

I don’t think we have a mechanism to make a change like that except when upgrading to a new Ubuntu release and it is too late for that for you. Please go ahead and update those snap channels manually.

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Tested in an Asus Zenbook UX21. It works fine, but there are two sentences not translated into spanish in the installer:

Also, I configured a wifi during installation, but the system didn’t remember it after rebooting. I configured it again in the ubuntu session, and then it remembered.

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Also, the new ubuntu software isn’t translated.

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Thank you for your testing. The wifi config not being copied to the new install is https://launchpad.net/bugs/2036997


Language is not changed after selecting French in the Welcome Screen

I tested it right now choosing french and seems to work…

Oh, ok… you mean that choosing a language and then going to “test ubuntu” keeps it in english… Yes, that’s right. Sorry.

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I can confirm this, the new App Center is not translated.

It appears to be impossible to switch the GNOME Shell theme to always dark or always light. In the previous versions, it could be done by modifying the dconf parameter color-scheme in /org/gnome/shell/ubuntu/. Now it has no effect.

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